ADAPT PIXEL PX001 Real Time Temperature and Humidity Datalogger


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PIXEL PX001 Real Time Data Logger is a Real time Data Logger which acts as a reliable wireless solution to monitor the temperature and humidity of refrigerated warehouses and storage locations. this temperature and humidity data logger helps to measure and monitor the Real time accurate temperature and humidity and it is a GSM Based Datalogger that helps to send alerts ( notifications ) via sms , email and push notifications to the concerned person or Department to control the temperature and humidity levels in the environment
Applications: Refrigerated Warehouses, cold storage, pharmaceutical manufacturers, food & beverage companies, hospitals, laboratories & blood banks, server rooms & museums, A/c Containers, etc.

PIXEL PX001 Real Time Data Logger is a multiuse Real Time Data Logger which is Designed to record and monitor the temperature and humidity levels in Refrigerated warehouses, food and beverages industries and Cold Storages, etc. and it sends alerts to the end user via SMS, push notifications and emails. by this users can easily track the data and can take necessary precautions to control the temperature and humidity levels in rooms, offices and working areas.

Near real-time temperature monitoring:
Reliable temperature monitoring is crucial for perishable products such as food & beverages and biopharmaceuticals. PIXEL enables effective & reliable temperature and humidity environmental monitoring. This reduces the need to manually record vital parameters while products are being stored. It also eliminates occurrences of human error due to automated digital monitoring. The effects of unreliable monitoring systems can be devastating including decreasing a brand’s reputation, fines for non-compliance, illness and even death in rare cases.

Near real-time humidity monitoring
The significant threat that moisture poses is the risk that products in high humidity environments can absorb the excess moisture. This affects sensitive products causing them to deteriorate, not to mention the risk of organic corrosion and biochemical reactions. In the pharmaceutical industry this can have a significant effect leaving pharmaceuticals unable to be used by consumers and affecting relationships between companies and their partners. If humidity is too low, this can also pose a significant risk to perishable products leaving them prone to the same risks.

Smart power save mode
This is attainable by the two different modes that PIXEL enables including normal mode and smart power save mode. Normal mode sends data at regular defined intervals, while the smart power save mode allows data to be sent every three hours if no violations occur during the period. When any deviations occur of set parameters, an alert is immediately sent by SMS or email. In addition, the device allows for reports and data to be shared with clients, ensuring they always have visibility of their products and information on how it is being stored.

Near real-time violation alerts:
Implementing PIXEL enables companies to monitor and react in near real-time when deviations occur from set parameters. With near real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity the device sends alerts when set parameters are deviated from. This ensures that timely action can be taken therefore perishable products are not compromised for a significant amount of time. This thereby allows companies of all sizes to save capital, reduce unnecessary waste of products and ensure regulations are met.

Features of  PIXEL PX001 Real Time Data Tracker

  • Real time temperature monitoring
  • Real time humidity monitoring
  • It sends alert notifications through SMS, Email & Push notifications
  • Zero maintenance, Zero Down Time
  • Users can track everything on the PIXEL Web App
  • Pixel Real Time Datalogger has smart power save mode
  • It sends temperature violation alerts to the user
  • Users can Download the PDF Reports.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg




Temperature Range

-20°C to 65°C


+/- 0.5 ºC


0.1 °C

Humidity Range

0% – 99% RH

Charging Voltage

5V DC (Easy Snap Magnetic connector

Charging Time

Up to 14 hours (for full charge)

Data Format

Graphs (Line Charts), PDF, CSV




FCC/CE Compliance


Li-Po 10,500mAh rechargeable

Waterproof Grade


Battery Life

Every 2 to 3 months on full charge (@ room temperature)

Data Storage

Up to 20000 readings


Factory calibrated


112mm x 62mm x 30mm


220 Grams

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ADAPT PIXEL PX001 Data Logger

ADAPT PIXEL PX001 Real Time Temperature and Humidity Datalogger


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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