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Airthings View Plus Radon Air Quality Monitor is an advanced indoor air quality monitor which is battery operated Air Quality Monitor that keeps your family safe from hazardous air pollutants like Radon, Particulate matter (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2), humidity, temperature, airborne chemicals (VOCs) and air pressure. This Radon Air Quality monitor is battery-operated, wireless, and Wifi Connected, and Includes a customizable display. Users can see the insights and download reports with the help of an Online Dashboard and (IOS/Android) Application.
Applications: Paint Booth, Confined Space Entry, Hazmat/Homeland Security, Industrial Hygiene and Confined Space, Airlines (wing-tank passage), Landfills, Oil and Gas, Chemical Plants, Hotels, Schools, Ambient Workplace, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Hospitals.

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Airthings View Plus Radon Air Quality Monitor is an advanced air quality technology. This view plus having complete control over the air you breathe and the power to change it. This View Plus IAQ Monitor helps to keep your family safe from the effects of pollution, allergens, wildfire smoke, viruses, and more.
Features of  Airthings View Plus Radon Air Quality Monitor:

  • It was having Customizable display and wave function to provide more information.
  • having Power saving mode for a battery life of up to 2 years, or plug-in with USB.
  • This Airthings Radon Detector can act as a Hub and expand your system and bring additional monitors online.
  • View Plus IAQ Monitor displays the results in App and online dashboard with graphs, notifications, and insights.
  • This Digital Radon Detector is Wireless and wifi connected. By this, users can able to see the data anytime, anywhere.
  • This Airthings View Plus can be integrated with your smart home using IFTTT, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

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Model No

View Plus


Particulate matter (PM1* & PM2.5), Radon, CO2, VOC, Temperature, Humidity, Air pressure.

Temperature Accuracy

±0.5 °C / ±1 °F

Humidity Accuracy

±3 %RH

Pressure Accuracy

±0.6 mBar/hPa

Particle Size Range

300 nm to 10 μm

Measurement Range (PM2.5)

0 ~ 500 μg/m³

Measurement Accuracy (PM2.5)

below 150 μg/m³: ± (5 μg/m³ + 15%), above 150 μg/m³: ± (5 μg/m³ + 20%)


0 – 20,000 Bq/m3 / 0 – 500 pCi/L

VOC Measuring Range

0 – 10,000 ppb

CO2 Measuring Range

400 – 5000 ppm

CO2 Accuracy

±50 ppm


2.9 ” 296128 pixels

Battery Life

WiFi: up to 2 years (depends on sensor interval and WiFi router)


Supports wall mounting or placement on flat surface.


200 x 115 x 60 mm


511 Grams.

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Airthings View Plus Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Airthings View Plus Radon Air Quality Monitor


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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