Biological Defense Body Protection Suit

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RST Demron™ Biological Defense Body Protection Suit is a self-cooling fabric that provides the highest protection from biological, viral, chemical threats and heat stress. It gives protection against ZIKA Virus and EBOLA exposure hazards, trap heat and vapour in the suit creating significant and highly potential life threatening heat stress. Demron™ ICE is a passive cooling and thermo conductive system .

Applications: Nuclear Emergencies, Chemical Spills and Hazmat Incidents, Biological Contamination, Industrial Settings, Emergency Response and Disaster Relief, Military and Law Enforcement

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Biological Defense Body Protection Suit which protects from various organism. It have the properties that promote passive cooling and make it possible to cool to wearer by external means. It dramatically heightens the wearer’s mental state and physical ability to work longer hours. This Biological Body Protection Suit is rugged, durable, and engineered to withstand constant use. 

Features of Anti Radioactive Suit:

  • This biological defence body suit has a self cooling technology
  • protection against ZIKA and EBOLA virus
  • The fabric of this ice suit rugged and durable
  • It made by ICE fabric



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