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Digital GPS Clocks

            Digital GPS Clocks

Digital GPS Clocks (Model AI-GPS-M4 )

Digital GPS Clocks manufactured by Ace Instruments are highest accuracy digital indoor clocks with time synchronisation to Global Position Satellite system.The  Digital GPS Clocks accepts the Global Positioning Satellite Time of the country of use. It is accurate to 500 millisecs & uses a wired GPS Antenna to synchronise with area GPS satellite system.

The Digital GPS Clocks are designed for aesthetic blending for installations into offices, brokerage houses, pharma clean rooms, hospitals, IT commercial buildings & a host of other applications which require precise time without having to physically correct the time ever.The clocks come with a wall mounting M.S. Powder Coated Body with a Stainless Steel Washable Front Plate, Rated IP65. Also, suitable for flush mounting inside walls for blending into walls.Digital GPS Clocks

Time is accurately maintained by inbuilt memory battery for time-keeping even in the case of power cuts. However, the clock runs on power supply alone & has no power backup.The Digital GPS Clocks have a 6 Digit , red color 7 Segment LED Display. The Hours & Minutes display (HH:MM) is 4″ high & the seconds (SS) display is of 2″ height.

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Technical Specifications:

Model  AI-GPS-M4
Display Master GPS Clock 4 Digits 4” High 7 Segment Super Bright Red LED Display for Hours & Minutes (HH:MM)

2 Digits of 2″ height for seconds (SS)

GPS Receiver Specifications Antenna Type           : Active

Antenna Wire Length : 3 mtrs.

Protocol                   : NMEA Standard

Cold Start                 : 45 Seconds ( Avg)

Warm Start               : 45 Seconds ( Avg)

Hot Start                   : 2 Seconds

Accuracy Standard Digital GPS Clocks Accuracy of +/- 1 second relayed all across the network
Time Programming Available via key pad inside (for use in case of GPS Signal absence)
Standard Enclosure Mild Steel Powder Coated with Stainless Steel Front Flush Plate
Dimensions Body 480 x 165 x 60 mm. ( W x H x D) Front Flush Plate 525 x 180 mm ( W x H)
Time Display 24 Hours Time Format Standard
Input Supply 110-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Warranty 12 Months Manufacturer warranty


Synchronized Clocks

Hospitals play an important role in taking care of patients and they also deal with several critical cases that professionals handle on a regular basis. This implies that the professionals in a hospital need to be efficient in their daily work so that people feel better which in turn boosts productivity. In the case of hospitals, productivity is always measured in terms of the recovery rate of the patients and also how smooth and hassle-free the work related processes are. Simplified processes are the best way to make the daily work smooth for professionals. This also helps them to have their complete focus on the work.

When talking about efficiency, the best way to check as well as achieve that is through time. This is when time management and effective use of time comes into the picture and given a lot of importance. Effective time management is achieved with the help of scheduled plotting and for that, it is best to have synchronized clocks, displaying uniform time all across the hospital facility.

Synchronized Clocks

Synchronized Clocks

Synchronized clocks consist of a master clock along with the respective slave clocks. As the name suggests, the master clock is responsible for transmitting signals to the slave clocks. In this case, the signal is the accurate time which the corresponding slave clocks need to follow on a routine basis. The master clock is directly connected to the time source which could be either be a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) master clock or an Ethernet Master clock , which takes accurate time from the Server. The clock synchronization is a process that mainly takes place when the signals reach the master clock. After receiving the signal the master clock transmits it to the slave clocks. This is a simple yet effective way of reflecting the same time throughout the entire establishment. It also makes sure that the time is being maintained to ensure maximum efficiency among professionals.

Now that we know the simplicity and benefits that synchronized clocks have, let us take a close look at how hospitals benefit from this:

  •  Professionals Stay on the Same Page – Doctors, patients, nurses and receptionists will be aware of a particular medical case and all professionals will be on the same page and always on time for all medical cases like operations, tests, reporting times,etc.


  •  Systematic Routine in Work – Synchronized clocks will bring routine and systematic work processes. There will also be a consistent improvement in the flow of work.

These are some of the most effective ways to make sure that professionals have it easy when it comes to time management. Also having such clocks will boost productivity within the hospital.

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Five Things to Remember while Choosing a Data Loggers

Data Loggers

Data loggers is an electronic device that records measurements at regular intervals. Different data logger includes the measurement of air temperature, relative humidity, AC/DC current and voltage, differential pressure, intensity of light, temperature of water, water level, dissolved oxygen, soil moisture, wind speed and direction, rainfall, pulse signals and many more. It’s a compact and battery-powered device equipped with an internal microprocessor, data storage and one or more sensors. It’s fixed indoors, outdoors, underwater that can record data for more months.

You should choose a data logger according to the need of the organisation. Here are top five things to consider while choosing a data logger, read below:

Data Loggers

  • A wireless logger- A quality Data Loggers should be self-contained and wireless. This will make the product handy and can be fixed anywhere and everywhere. You should always check the manufacturer before purchasing the device. A wireless logger is flexible and also gives accurate data.


  •  Collecting real-time data- This is one of the most important factors while choosing a data logger. The ability to collect real-time data is very important. The data logger should be portable & easily connect to front end software to enable it to download the data onto the PC. The downloaded data is time stamped for data integrity evaluation.
  •  User-friendly software- This makes the life of a Data Loggers user easy. If the software is user-friendly the process of data collection is effortless. An Easy and efficient software is the need at all times for collecting data of the organisations. In case if there are more than one Data Loggers installed for your company make sure they work together under single software & data can be automatically compiled under industry standard Excel Sheets or equivalent softwares.
  • Data loggers with applications- Make sure you have done your research well. While pursuing a data logger for your company, be sure that the data logger supports various applications. This will provide flexibility to the usage of the data logger in different environments.
  • Trusted & Approved Manufacturer- Buy Data Loggers from a trusted, reputed and registered company to avoid future problems. This will give you a quality product and a sense of assurance as well.

Follow the above-mentioned factors while choosing a data logger for your company. With these factors, you can never go wrong in choosing an efficient data logger that will ensure safety and smooth functioning of your company. Do your research well and buy a data logger for the organisation. All the best!


Isolation Room Pressure Monitor: Important Things to Know!

Isolation Room Pressure Monitor is a device that provides an accurate indication of positive or negative pressure in critical rooms like hospital isolation rooms, operation theatres, intensive care unit (ICU) and other important places where differential pressure is maintained. In the case of improper pressure or reversal of flow takes place, an alarm is activated automatically to alert everyone about the danger. The alarm is visible and the inappropriate pressureis displayed in readout with flashing displayso that unprofessional personnel can respond to the status of the alarm.

Know the places where it is needed-

Critical places like hospitals and laboratories use pressure differentials from one room to another as a means to protect the patients and staffs from toxic chemicals and infectious pathogens. This is an effective technique and is often difficult to set up and maintain. The everyday usage of this device in building draft, temperature and loading of the filter causes pressure differentials to fluctuate and reversal of flow occurs. And in this way hazards are created unintentionally. Thus, an effective Isolation Room Pressure Monitor is installed to keep a check and alert the hospital and laboratory staff.

Features of Isolation Room Pressure Monitor-

The features of Isolation Room Pressure Monitor are as follows, read below:

  •          It measures the dynamic pressure differentials.
  •          It has a special feature like adjustable time delay for alarm that allows opening of doors, without frequent alarms.
  •          The display consists of 4 Red LED displays to show the live room pressure values.
  •          It has an audible alarm with an automatic reset system & a provision for manual acknowledgement of alarm.
  •          When the flow reversal occurs there’s an alarm that gets activated upon breach of set limits
  •          It is known for its low ,, almost zero maintenance and durability.
  •          The low-temperature sensors eliminate the possible risk of fire.
  •          It also has a unique feature of a remote alarm system.
  •          It is generally fixed with the interface of the building automation(BMS) computer system.
  •          It comes with easy installation and calibration with complete engineering support.
  •          It provides a one-year warranty from the day of the purchase.

Read the above-mentioned facts about Isolation Room Pressure Monitor and get an idea of this important device. It is a vital device which is mandatory in a hospital, laboratory and other significant places where pressure differentials are needed.

Carbon Monoxide Transmitters Uses In Hospital

Carbon Monoxide Transmitters

Carbon Monoxide Transmitters are an odour-free and colour-free gas which is usually produced when any kind of fuel containing carbon is burnt. Carbon monoxide is an extremely poisonous gas which can lead to several health hazards. In fact, it is also considered to be life threatening with permanent health damages. To help you understand the poison content of this gas here’s an example. Breathing air contaminated with 0.02% of Carbon Monoxide is enough to kill you within a few hours. If this percentage increases by 3 times, then you will be dead within minutes.

Unfortunately, many people are aware of this gas but don’t know the measures they need to take to stay away from it. So, the best way to figure out whether you are exposed to carbon monoxide is by checking for similar symptoms among people sharing the same roof. Watch closely if that group of people feel better after leaving that particular place. If the pattern remains similar for a couple of days, then it is best to seek professional help. Which in this case implies checking up with a doctor or going for a room inspection.carbon monoxide transmitters

However, room inspection is a tedious task because there are several protocols that need to be followed. There is scope for you to skip the protocols and still figure out whether you are exposed to carbon monoxide or not. The best way to do this is by bringing in a carbon monoxide transmitters that will help you detect the percentage of carbon monoxide in the air.

Why Carbon Monoxide Transmitters are a Must in Hospitals?

Hospitals are one place where installing carbon monoxide transmitters are a must in order to create a healthy environment for patients, visitors, doctors and other professionals. Hospitals are constantly exposed to several gases, electrical appliances and devices that have the potential to release carbon monoxide when handled badly. Therefore, installing devices that can detect the harmful carbon monoxide gas is a must.

With the right device to detect the gas, you can be rest assured to get the accurate results. This device is highly functional preventing considerably the odds of being exposed to this gas.…ide-transmitters/