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GPS Clocks (Global Positioning System)

GPS Clocks (Global Positioning System) manufactured by Ace Instruments are suitable for all industrial, office, banks, brokerage houses, stock exchanges, pharmaceuticals plants, airports & currency exchanges, railway stations & similar applications.

Standalone GPS Clock come with the option of GPS Time Synchronization using the GPS Satellite signal. GPS Clocks can be custom designed to display the time of India, US, UK, Germany, China, Japan & any other country required. Time is accurately maintained even in the case of power cut by virtue of built in battery backup for time storage in memory. These clocks are a direct wall mounting or modular wall mounting clocks with high intensity displays in options of sizes 1″, 2.5″ & 4″ Height. Hospital clocks are available in both HH:MM (4 Digits) & HH: MM: SS (6 Digits) version. Aesthetically designed with Front Flush Stainless-Steel Plate & 45 mm. depth for fitment into modular walls or hospital panels.

Features of GPS Clocks:

  • GPS Master clock available in options of 2.5″, 4″, 8″ high super bright
  • 7 Segment Display Panel with 6 displays, 2 each for Hours, Minutes & seconds
  • Slave clocks have a 4″ High super bright 7 segment red LED Display with exceptional depth & clarity for visibility over a long distance
  • Slave clocks can be at a maximum distance of up to 1200 meter. (1.2 Km.) & yet show accurate synchronized time, same as the master clock
  • The Wireless RF Clocks have a range of 600 meter. Line of Sight & successive clocks make a network
  • Wireless clocks can be at a distance of 600 meters. Between each other extending to up to 10 Kms in the network of clocks
  • Wireless repeaters can be used in case of longer distances
  • The Standalone Clocks come with GPS Time Synchronization using Satellite Time from the GPS Satellite acc.
  • These can be used optionally as GPS Master with Modbus 485 or Wireless RF Network Communication capability
  • Standalone clocks with 4”/6”/10”/12” High Display which can be later be upgraded to Synchronize

Room Clocks are available in both standalone version & master slave network clocks version that works on RS485 Modbus communication/Wireless RF Communication. McDVoice Survey


  • All the clean room clocks in the synchronized clock network show the exact same time right up to the seconds.
  • The slave clocks (up to 120 nos.) can be connected to the master clock via a 2-core communication cable multi drop network or wireless RF communication & the master clock time is synchronize
  • Time is accurately maintained even in the case of power cut by way of integrated battery for time keeping.
  • The master clean room clock is a 2″ high super bright 7 segment display clock with 6 displays for hours, minutes & seconds.
  • The slave clean room clocks have a 1″/2.5″/4″ high super bright 7 segment red LED display with exceptional depth & clarity for visibility over a long distance.
  • The slave clean room clocks can be at a maximum distance of up to 1200 mtrs. (1. 2 km.) & yet show accurate synchronized time, same as the master clock.
  • The slave clocks are available in stainless steel outer plate enclosures for clean rooms & also flameproof aluminium lm-6 body certified by cmri, dhanbad for use in gas group areas i, ii, iia & iib.
  • Ethernet clocks which will show your pc/ server time on the clocks in the network using a simple front end software to connect to ethernet are also available as optional.
  • High accuracy of +/-1 second time is available in both standalone & synchronized version.
  • In the master/slave synchronized clock system, GPS (global positioning satellite) time can be maintained across all the clocks in the network by simply opting for GPS master clock.
  • All the slave clocks in the synchronized network will then display GPS time synchronizing from the master GPS Clocks.
  • High accuracy of +/-1 second time can then be maintained across the whole production/plant/railway station.
  • Wireless communication between master & slave clocks allow for cable free communication thus reducing installation time & effort.

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Ammonia Gas Detectors

This blog may help to provide information for the people working in Industries/ factories where the risk of high concentration of Ammonia gas leaks.

Before, going depth to Ammonia detectors and their features we will explore what is Ammonia? Where these compound have been created & their principle? how can it been detected and the place of applications:

Ammonia(NH3) is a colourless gas mixture of compound like nitrogen & Hydrogen or can be defined as a compound   created from nitrogenous wastes from animals & Vegetable matter Ammonia.NH3 can be corrosive or hazardous based on the level of concentration.

Ammonia is not considered as a flammable gas and its intense energy may cause ignition or explosion. It is corrosive gas and causes death if inhaled. Exposure to high levels of ammonia will cause lung injury, respiratory tract irritant, corrosive injury to eyes and skin etc.

Working Principle: It works on electrochemical principle. Electrochemical sensor are kind of Detector used to identify or measure target gas at their PPM level.

Major Applications: Steelworks, Petrochemical plant, Shipbuilding yard, Sewage treatment

plant, Mine, Power supply works, Hermetically sealed area (manhole, tank)

Ammonia (NH3) gas detector:

Ammonia/NH3 detector is designed to detect the ammonia level and alert the operator by giving alarm/ deep sound whenever the ammonia concentration exceed the set limit.


Senko make Digital Ammonia detector constructed with rubber material case, operated continuously without replacing the sensor for 2 years to protect workers from oxygen deficiency, or any kind of toxic gas poisoning. The detectors comes with LED display which help to visualize the concentration level ammonia at the place.

Below point are consisting of the few technical features about Senko NH3 ammonia detector:


  • Measuring range of 0 to 100 ppm
  • Accuracy 60sec/90%scale
  • Resolution 1 ppm
  • Alarm display: Visual: alarm & status icon, Trouble Red LED Audible: buzzer
  • Data Log: Event Log: 20 Data
  • Battery life time: CR2 Battery(3.0v): 1.2year, At 8hours use of a day
  • Ex ia IIC T4 IP67(KGS, ATEX) approved


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Hospital Isolation Room Monitor

Hospital Isolation Rooms – Topic Overview:

An isolation (DP Gauge) facility aims to control the airflow in the room so that the number of airborne infectious particles is reduced to a level that ensures cross-infection of other people within a healthcare facility is highly unlikely. This may be achieved by:

  • Control of the quantity and quality of intake or exhaust air.
  • Maintain different air pressures between adjacent areas.
  • Designing airflow patterns for specific clinical procedures.
  • Diluting infectious particles with large air volumes.
  • Air filtration – HEPA filters, etc.

Dp Gauge

How do isolation (DP Gauge) rooms work?

Sometimes isolation rooms use negative air pressure. This helps prevent airborne diseases (such as tuberculosis or flu) from escaping the room and infecting other people. A machine pulls air into the room. Then it filters the air before moving it outside. In a negative air pressure room, you may be able to feel air being sucked into the room under a closed door or through a slightly opened window.

Positive air pressure

In other cases, such as when a person has a weakened immune system, positive air pressure may be used. Clean, filtered air is constantly pumped into the room. This is done to keep contagious diseases out of the room.

With this type of isolation room, you may be able to feel air blowing out of the room under a closed door


Hospital room pressure monitors and controls help keep patients and staff safe. ACE INSTRUMENTS products use proven the technology and engineering for the best possible health, safety, and compliance outcomes. ACE INSTRUMENTS make Digital Differential Pressure Gauges are digital readout differential pressure monitors designed for measuring the room pressure inside Pharma clean rooms, hospital operation theatres & isolation rooms.

Product Description:

Hospital Isolation Room Pressure Monitor is designed to measure the room pressure in Isolation Rooms & operation theatres with respect to a corridor. The Hospital Isolation Room Pressure Monitor is available in a smart Powder Coated Cabinet with a Stainless Steel Front Flush Plate for mounting into Modular Hospital Room Walls & Brick Walls. The hospital isolation room pressure monitor enables measurement of both positive & negative pressure measurement in the isolation rooms in a single instrument. Power Supply to the Hospital Isolation Room Pressure Monitor is an industry standard 24 V.D.C. Input Supply. Customized power supply ratings as per country of use can be provided for quantity requirements. The Hospital Isolation Room Pressure Monitor has the front key selectable Unit conversion of mm.W.C. & Pascals. The hospital isolation room pressure monitor can be customized for any other engineering units like In.W.C. , cm.W.C., ft. W.C., etc. It comes integrated with a built-in buzzer alarm for alerting supervisor/attendant in case of deviation from desired Hi & Lo set limits thus ensuring that the Isolation room is maintained within the stipulated pressure limits with alarm delay functionality.


  • Specially created for Hospital Isolation Rooms
  • Avoids room contamination by alerting supervisors via buzzer
  • Easy selection of units by front keys


  • The Hospital Isolation Room Pressure Monitor is a high accuracy Digital Gauge with an easy to read digital 7 Segment, 4 Digit Red LED Display
  • All differential pressure measuring ranges are available: -500 Pascals to 500 Pascals, -50 to 50 Pascals, 0 to 100 Pascals, 0 to 500 Pascals, -50.0 to 50.0 mm. W.C., -100.0 to 100.0 mm.W.C., 0.0 to 10.0 mm.W.C., 0.0 to 50.0 mm.W.C. & any other customized range as per user requirement
  • The accuracy of the instrument is unmatched at /-0.5% F.S. Options include 4-20mA Re-transmission Analog output
  • Comes with integrated RS 485 Modbus communication for integration onto BMS/SCADA


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