Ammonia Gas Detectors

By | March 21, 2018

This blog may help to provide information for the people working in Industries/ factories where the risk of high concentration of Ammonia gas leaks.

Before, going depth to Ammonia detectors and their features we will explore what is Ammonia? Where these compound have been created & their principle? how can it been detected and the place of applications:

Ammonia(NH3) is a colourless gas mixture of compound like nitrogen & Hydrogen or can be defined as a compound   created from nitrogenous wastes from animals & Vegetable matter Ammonia.NH3 can be corrosive or hazardous based on the level of concentration.

Ammonia is not considered as a flammable gas and its intense energy may cause ignition or explosion. It is corrosive gas and causes death if inhaled. Exposure to high levels of ammonia will cause lung injury, respiratory tract irritant, corrosive injury to eyes and skin etc.

Working Principle: It works on electrochemical principle. Electrochemical sensor are kind of Detector used to identify or measure target gas at their PPM level.

Major Applications: Steelworks, Petrochemical plant, Shipbuilding yard, Sewage treatment

plant, Mine, Power supply works, Hermetically sealed area (manhole, tank)

Ammonia (NH3) gas detector:

Ammonia/NH3 detector is designed to detect the ammonia level and alert the operator by giving alarm/ deep sound whenever the ammonia concentration exceed the set limit.


Senko make Digital Ammonia detector constructed with rubber material case, operated continuously without replacing the sensor for 2 years to protect workers from oxygen deficiency, or any kind of toxic gas poisoning. The detectors comes with LED display which help to visualize the concentration level ammonia at the place.

Below point are consisting of the few technical features about Senko NH3 ammonia detector:


  • Measuring range of 0 to 100 ppm
  • Accuracy 60sec/90%scale
  • Resolution 1 ppm
  • Alarm display: Visual: alarm & status icon, Trouble Red LED Audible: buzzer
  • Data Log: Event Log: 20 Data
  • Battery life time: CR2 Battery(3.0v): 1.2year, At 8hours use of a day
  • Ex ia IIC T4 IP67(KGS, ATEX) approved


For more information about our ammonia gas detector, check out our website at  or to get our expert helping you with the right product for your application contact us at 1800-121-0506

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