Instrukart Holdings -Your Worldwide Instrument Partner, established in year 2015 started with a vision to become the most recognized Instrumentation Brand globally and trusted partner for process control instruments in the E-commerce industry. Amongst our prestigious OEM Clients, we work aggressively with M/s Siemens Ltd, M/s Honeywell Automation India Ltd, M/s Carrier Race Technologies, M/s Ingersoll Rand Ltd & M/s Schneider Electric for their various Instrumentation requirement and partnership for project execution with our expertise. We have our in-house Calibration Lab with master instruments calibrated by National / International standards calibration laboratory.

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A matter is composed of atoms. Every atom is made up of a nucleus that contains minute particles of positive charged protons and neutrons, and the negative electrons are present on the outer shell of an atom. These forces within the atom form a strong, stable balance by getting rid of additional atomic energy (radioactivity). In that process,… Read More »

Things To Know About Multi Gas Detector

Multi Gas Detector are designed to detect a variety of gases which need to be monitored based on your application. It can be either fixed or portable gas detector and commonly used to detect the gases within the desired area. Multi gas detector comes with 2 different types of detector – Diffusion model consists of a sensor and… Read More »