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GPS Clocks (Global Positioning System)

GPS Clocks (Global Positioning System) manufactured by Ace Instruments are suitable for all industrial, office, banks, brokerage houses, stock exchanges, pharmaceuticals plants, airports & currency exchanges, railway stations & similar applications. Standalone GPS Clock come with the option of GPS Time Synchronization using the GPS Satellite signal. GPS Clocks can be custom designed to display the time of India,… Read More »

Digital GPS Clocks

            Digital GPS Clocks Digital GPS Clocks (Model AI-GPS-M4 ) Digital GPS Clocks manufactured by Ace Instruments are highest accuracy digital indoor clocks with time synchronisation to Global Position Satellite system.The  Digital GPS Clocks accepts the Global Positioning Satellite Time of the country of use. It is accurate to 500 millisecs & uses a wired GPS Antenna to… Read More »