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Things To Know About Multi Gas Detector

Multi Gas Detector are designed to detect a variety of gases which need to be monitored based on your application. It can be either fixed or portable gas detector and commonly used to detect the gases within the desired area. Multi gas detector comes with 2 different types of detector – Diffusion model consists of a sensor and… Read More »

Ammonia Gas Detectors

This blog may help to provide information for the people working in Industries/ factories where the risk of high concentration of Ammonia gas leaks. Before, going depth to Ammonia detectors and their features we will explore what is Ammonia? Where these compound have been created & their principle? how can it been detected and the place of applications:… Read More »

Carbon Dioxide Gas Detectors – CO2 detectors

Carbon Dioxide Gas Detectors – CO2 detectors The infrared spectroscopy is actually based on the concept of gas molecules that absorb infrared light and other gases that occur at a specific wavelength. Usually, a thermopile which has a built-in filter is useful to detect the specific amount of gas. For example, carbon dioxide is considered to be a… Read More »