GPS Clocks (Global Positioning Satellite)

GPS Clocks (Global Positioning Satellite) manufactured by Ace Instruments are suitable for all industrial, office, banks, brokerage houses, stock exchanges, pharmaceuticals plants, airports & currency exchanges, railway stations & similar applications.   Standalone GPS Clocks come with the option of GPS Time Synchronization using the GPS Satellite signal. GPS Clocks can be custom designed to display… Read more »

Ammonia Detector | Ammonia Gas Detectors | instrukart|

This blog may help to provide information for the people working in Industries/ factories where the risk of high concentration of Ammonia gas leaks. Before, going depth to Ammonia detectors and their features we will explore what is Ammonia? Where these compound have been created & their principle? how can it been detected and the… Read more »

Hospital Isolation Room Monitor

Hospital Isolation Rooms – Topic Overview: An isolation (DP Gauge) facility aims to control the airflow in the room so that the number of airborne infectious particles is reduced to a level that ensures cross-infection of other people within a healthcare facility is highly unlikely. This may be achieved by: Control of the quantity and… Read more »


If your business demands controlled temperature monitor then low cost temperature data logger is a must for you. Now a days an assortment of developments are accessible. Most have an inward thermistor or thermocouple or can be associated with outside sources. Examining and estimation are intermittently taken and carefully put away. Some have a worked… Read more »