CEM DT 9501 Radiation Scanner


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CEM DT 9501 Radiation Scanner is used to detect α, β, γ, and x radiation and provides many features including a large, high-resolution backlit LCD display with annunciators. CEM Radiation Detector has internal data storage for up to 2000 data sets and is saved either manually or automatically.
Applications:  pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, power plants, quarries, emergency services, metal industries, petroleum reservoirs, environmental protection, etc.

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CEM DT 9501 Radiation Scanner is featured with a Bluetooth interface to transfer the measured data in real-time to a computer and the software that is included with the product, the data can then be further processed and reviewed. CEM radiation detector stands out with their practical design and high accuracy. The radiation detector can be applied in laboratories, quarries, emergency services, the pharmaceutical industry, petroleum reservoirs, power plants, environmental protection, metal industries, etc.
Features Of  CEM DT Radiation Scanner:

  • It has a ray measurement function selector switch.
  • The LCD liquid crystal display has the function of backlight, reading, real-time, measurement unit symbols, measuring dynamic, and diagram instructions.
  • Shows the average time adjustable.
  • It Can be used for radiometer value accumulated and measuring unit conversion.
  • It has to measure unit conversion, real-time stamp readings, and Bluetooth data transmission functions.
  • Have pulse counting function measuring unit conversion.
  • It has an automatic selection of the measurement range.
  • Miniaturization impact-resistant design and easy to carry.
  • Meets ergonomic principle, comfortable hand feel
  • It has Bluetooth communication data transmission function and powerful computer data analysis software.
  • It has a large capacity memory and can put 4000 sets of data stored directly inside the instrument and then transfers it to the computer. No need to manually record and support power down to keep stored data after one minute function and user don’t have to worry about losing data while replacing it with new batteries

Additional information

Weight 1 kg




Measuring Parameters

α, β, γ and x

Sensibility of α

from 4.0 million volt MV

sensibility of ß

from 0.2 million volt MV

sensibility of γ

from 0.02 million volt MV

sensibility of X

from 0.02 million volt MV

Radiation Dose rate

0.01μSv/h – 1000μSv/h

Pulse dose rate

0-4000cpm, 0-4000cps

Radiation dose accumulation total value

0.001μSv – 9999Sv

Pulse dose accumulation total value



<10%(less than 500μSv/h), <20%(less than 600μSv/h)

Power Source

3.6V High-energy lithium-ion batteries


Data real-time far transfer display, analysis and record

Working temperature range

0 to 50 Deg.C


4000 set of data

Ray Selection Switch

combination selection to α, ß, γ, X


Halogen fill detector (G.M Geiger counter tube)

Output Port

Bluetooth wireless data transmission
(Space transmission distance 10m)

Mean Time

Manual or automatic adjustable between 2 to 12 seconds


Big screen with 4 digit LCD

Warming function

Alarm value can be set freely, the default Settings is 5 μ Sv/hr

Normal natural environment radiation value

Less than 0 – 0.2 uSv / h

Bluetooth transmission data

Every second transmission 1 set of data (including real-time date, time, measuring value and measurement unit)

Quality certificate

European CE, US FCC-15


12 Months


2000 X 70 X 45 mm


206 grams

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CEM DT 9501 Radiation Scanner


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