Mextech M-45 Digital AC Clamp Meter

An electrical meter with integral AC current clamp is known as a clamp meter, clamp-on ammeter or tong tester. A clamp meter measures the vector sum of the currents flowing in all the conductors passing through the probe, which depends on the phase relationship of the currents. Only one conductor is normally passed through the probe. In particular if the clamp is closed around a two-conductor cable carrying power to equipment, the same current flows down one conductor and up the other; the meter correctly reads a net current of zero.


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    Display : 3 ½ digits  With 1999 Counts.
    Data Hold Function for all Ranges.
    Low Battery Indication
    Overload Protection
    Over Range Indication.
    Operating Temperature & Humidity : 0°C To 50°C, < 80% RH.
    Storage Temperature & Humidity : -20°C To 60°C, < 80% RH
    Reading Rate: 3 Times /second
    Display Size : 20 X 33 mm.

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Data sheet

3 ½ digits With 1999 Counts.
AC Current
0~600 A
AC Voltage
0~600 V
Resistance Measuring Range
0~2 MΩ
Power Supply
2 AAA Batteries 1.5 V
DC Voltage
0~600 V
Test Leads, 1.5 V Two Batteries.