Clean Room Clock, AI-CL1
Clean Room Clock, AI-CL1

Clean Room Clock Model AI-CL1

ACE INSTRUMENTS make Clean Room Clock Model AI-CL1 is high accuracy standalone clock with Wireless Infrared Remote Control for time setting.

Applications: Pharma,Clean Room,Hospital,Airports,IT,Railway station,Banks,Bulk Drugs,Food Processing,R&D Labs etc.


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ACE INSTRUMENTS make Clean Room Clock Model AI-CL1 is high accuracy standalone clock with Wireless Infrared Remote Control for time setting.The clean room clock Model AI-CL1 is a specialized clock meant for mounting in clean room panels & optionally into the brick walls using a wall concealed box. The standard model AI-CL1 has a 4 digit, 7 segment Red LED Display of height 1” & displays time in HH:MM (Hours & Minutes) format. Accuracy of the clock is +/- 1 minute per year.

Also available in HH:MM:SS format and in different sizes of 1”, 2.5” & 4” High displays. For high end applications, also available in Synchronized Wired/Wireless RF models with GPS Master clocks. Speak to factory for the above options.

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Data sheet

ACE Instruments
4 Digits 1′′ High 7 Segment Super Bright Red LED Display for Hours & Minutes (HH:MM)
Time Setting
No keys, time setting by wireless infrared remote control
Power Supply
24 V.D.C. Standard / Optional 230 V.A.C.
Modular Wall/Brick Wall Mounting M.S. Powder Coated Enclosure with Stainless Steel Front Flush Plate
Time Display Format
HH: MM, 24 Hours Time Format, Optional 12 Hours Time Format
Not available in this model, Contact store for Wired & Wireless options
Customization Requests are accepted for quantity orders only after technical feasibility study
Flameproof Option
All the above clocks are also available in Aluminium LM-6 Body certified by CIMFR, Dhanbad for use in Gas Group Areas I, II, IIA & IIB. Contact store for options.
Remote provided alongwith to set the timing
Provided alongwith and valid for 1 year, traceable to National Standards
12 Months Manufacturer Warranty

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Aishwarya C.
Nice Product:

I ordered this product for the application in clean rooms and its been more than 1 week since I'm using this product...Accuracy wise it is great around 1% which is good for this Instrument.

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