Digital Synchronized Wireless Clock System

The Master clock should be set periodically to NIIST & the rest of the clocks will automatically sync over wireless RF communication.


Tax /GST included

Wireless clocks will communicate to form a network of Master & Slave synchronization clock without any issue.Even if a clock, which is remotely located at a far off place, does not communicated with Master Clock or the nearest slave, even then ,it continuous to show real time with the maximum error of +/- 2 minutes in a year.  

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Data sheet

ACE Instruments
+/- 2 minutes/year
4 Displays of (HH:MM) with 4” Height & 2 Displays of (SS) Height with 2.5” All 7 Segment Red LED Displays (HH:MM:SS)
Time Setting
By Infrared Remote Control or keypad inside
Power Supply
120VAC to 24 V D.C., 500 mA (Adapters provided alongwith) total quantity 12 Nos. supplied alongwith
Overall stainless steel direct wall mounting enclosure (No need to break wall, simply hang onto wall with 2 screws)
Wireless RF Communication with range of 1.2 Kms. line of sight

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