Clean Room Temperature Humidity Indicator AI-RHT

The Ace Instruments make Clean Room Humidity Temperature Indicator Model AI-RHT is designed to measure the vital parameters of Temperature & Humidity in Clean Room Applications.

Applications: Pharma Clean Rooms, Hospitals

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The Clean Room Humi-Temp Indicator is designed to measure the vital parameters of Temperature & Humidity in Clean Room Applications.The Model AI-RHT is designed for minimum cabling & easy flush mounting in Modular Wall or Brick Walls of Clean Rooms. It uses a built in combination sensor for humidity & temperature, flused to the front plate for quick & accurate sensing. Additional features in the Clean Room Humi-Temp Indicator include stand out features like integrated buzzer for parameter violation indication, individual LED for process violation & RS 485 Modbus Communication for easy integration to BMS/SCADA/EMS. The instruments find immense use in Pharma Clean Rooms, AHU, HVAC, APIs, Bulk Drugs, Electronic Hardware Manufacturing Plants, Test Plants, Green Houses etc.

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Data sheet

ACE Instruments
2 X 4 Digit 7 Segment Red L.E.D. Display of Height 0.4′′ (1 Each for Humidity & Temperature).
Cable Connection
Terminal Connectors for Power Input & Communication at Rear
Supply voltage
24VDC / 200mA , Optional 230 VAC Adaptor Provided along with
Optional RS 485 Modbus Protocol Communication for BMS/SCADA
Sensor Type
1) Model AI-RHT : Built In Polymer Capacitive Combination Sensor for Temperature & Relative humidity2) Model AI-RHT1 : External Combination Humidity & Temperature Sensor in choice of Wall Mounting or Pipe Type Enclosures
Built – in Buzzer Alarm for Hi & Lo Alarm Limit Violation alert for Humidity & temperature with Acknowledgement Key on front panel. Alarm Limits are front key programmable
Clean Room Modular Wall Flush Mounting with Integrated Sensor/Optional Brick Wall Mounting
Stainless Steel Front Flush Plate for Clean Rooms, M.S. Powder Coated Body Enclosure for Modular Wall Fitment
Provided alongwith and valid for 1 year, traceable to National Standards
1) 80(W) X 55(H) X 35(D) in mm. ( M.S. Powder Coated Back Body Enclosure) 2) 110(W) x 90 (H) for Front Flush Stainless Steel Modular Plate
12 Months Manufacturer warranty

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