Pharma Clean Room Monitor Model AI-RHTm

The ACE INSTRUMENTS make Pharma 2-1 Clean Room Monitor is designed to measure the vital parameters of Temperature, Humidity in pharma clean room applications. The clean Room Monitor Model AI-RHTm is designed for minimum cabling and easy flush mounting in modular wall panels or brick walls of Clean Room.

Applications: Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms, Laminar Air Flow Cabinets, HVAC , Biosafety Cabinets etc, measuring fan pressure, blower pressure, air velocity, furnace draft, pressure drop across orifice plates, liquid levels in bubbler systems, pressures in fluidic systems and filter resistance.


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The ACE INSTRUMENTS make Pharma 2-1 Clean Room Monitor measures the vital parameters of Temperature, Humidity in Pharmaceutical Clean Room Applications. Model AI-AI-RHTm is designed for minimum cabling & easy flush mounting Modular Wall or Brick Walls of Clean Rooms. The sensors for all 2 parameters are integrated inside for ease of use & installation.

Additional features in the Pharma 2-1 Clean Room Monitors include stand out features like integrated buzzer for parameter violation alert, individual LED for process vioation visual alert & RS 485 Modbus Communication for easy integration to BMS/SCADA/EMS. The instruments find immense use in Pharma Clean Rooms, AHUs, biotechnology, HVAC, Blood banks etc.

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Data sheet

ACE Instruments
1) -30.0 to +50.0 Deg.C typical for Temperature 2) 0.0 to 100.0%RH typical for Relative Humidity
1) ± 0.5 Deg.C for -30 to 50 Deg.C for Temperature 2) ± 1.8% for 10 to 95% RH for Relative humidity
Fixed 0.1 for both Temperature & Relative humidity
2 Line Red 7 Segment LED Display of height 1",4 Digits for % R.H. ( Humidity ) on Line 1,4 Digits for Temperature ( Deg. C) on Line 2
Supply voltage
24VDC, 200mA
Wall mounting/Modular Wall mounting with Stainless Steel Front Flush Plate for Clean Rooms
M.S. Powder Coated Body with SS Front Flush Plate for Modular wall mounting
RS 485 Modbus Protocol Communication BMS Integration(Optional @ Extra cost)
Sensor Type
1) Polymer sensing for Temperature,2) Capacitive polymer sensing for Relative humidity
Integrated Audio and LED buzzer Alarm in case of process violation of the 2 parameters
Will be provided at no extra cost valid for 1yr traceable to Electronic Test & Development Centre
Enclosure : 115(W) X 150(H) X 40(D) mm,Stainless Steel Front Plate : 145(W) x 160 (H) mm.
12 Months Manufacturer warranty

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