Testo 317-3 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Meter

Testo 317-3 CO Monitor provides fast and easy ambient carbon monoxide testing. It detects the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in ambient air and warns the user both visually and audibly about dangerous CO concentrations during furnace and boiler service and maintenance, weatherization audits or home inspections.

Applications: Refining,Petrochemical,confined space work area,Mining Power,Ship building etc.


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Testo 317-3 CO Detector has 3 years sensor warranty and gives audio, visual alarm when co concentration is exceeding level.


• No zeroing required! The self-check function verifies accurate CO measurement
• Adjustable alarm threshold
• Self-test mode verifies CO sensor function anytime, anywhere with the need for test gas
• Programmable high and low alarm options
• Easily clips to your belt for handsfree convenience
• Earphone jack for loud environment.

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Data sheet

Measuring Range
0 to 1,999 ppm CO
1 ppm
Battery Life
150 hours (with alarm off)
Reaction time (t 90)
40 seconds
CO sensor warranty
3 years
Instrument warranty:
3 years
1.5" x 6"

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