Danfoss KP7W Pressure Switch

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Danfoss KP7W Pressure Switch is purpose-built for refrigeration and air conditioning systems, providing essential safeguards against both excessively low suction pressure and excessively high discharge pressure. This reliable device ensures the safe and optimal operation of your cooling systems.
Application: Refrigeration Systems, Air Conditioning Systems, HVAC, Industrial Cooling Systems.

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Danfoss KP7W Pressure Switch is equipped with a single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch, which means it has one common terminal and two other terminals that can be connected to either of the two. The switch’s position is determined by a combination of factors, including the pressure switch’s pre-set threshold and the actual pressure detected at the connector point. Depending on these conditions, the switch will either be in one position or the other, allowing or interrupting the electrical flow accordingly.

Features of Danfoss KP7W Pressure Switch: 

  • The snap-action function significantly reduces bounce time to an ultra-short duration, thereby minimizing wear and enhancing overall reliability.
  • Testing the manual trip function (electrical contact function) can be performed without the need for any additional tools or equipment.
  • Compact design,  Fully welded bellows element
  • high reliability in both electrical and mechanical aspects

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No


Pressure Range

4 to 10 Bar

Ambient Temperature

MAX – 65 °C, MIN – -25 °C

Burst Pressure

140 bar

Electrical Connection

Rubber cable gland

Electrical connection size

6-14 mm

IP Rating


Max. test pressure

35 bar

Max. test pressure [psig]

510 psig

Max. Working Pressure

35 bar


300 Grams

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