E+E, Compact Dew Point Temperature Transmitter
Compact Dew Point Temperature Transmitter
Dew Point Temperature Transmitter
E+E, Compact Dew Point Temperature Transmitter

E+E Compact Dew Point Temperature Transmitter

The exact monitoring of dew point temperature in compressed air systems, dryers for plastic and other industrial processes is becoming increasingly more important.EE371 series with a measuring range -80...60°C Td (-112...140°F Td) and EE372 series with a measuring range -40...60°C Td (-40...140°F Td) are the ideal solution for such applications.


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The core of the transmitter is the monolithic measurement cell type HMC01, developed by E+E Elektronik in thin-film technology.An auto calibration procedure which is integrated in the device and years of experience in low humidity adjustment make an accuracy of <2°C Td (±3.6°F Td) possible.Dew point temperatures in the range of -60...-20°C (-76...-4°F) at room temperature correspond to relative humidity values of 0.08...5.37% RH. The measurement of these low humidity values is not possible with conventional capacitive measurement methods. For the EE371/EE372 series a special auto calibration procedure is utilized to achieve high accuracy measurements at lowest dew points too.


1.Measuring range -80...60°C Td (-112...140°F Td)

2.Accuracy of measurement ±2°C Td (±3.6°F Td)

3.Two Td/Tf alarm outputs


5.Pressure tight up to 100 bar (1450psi)

Typical Applications:

  • Monitoring of compressed air systems
  • Refrigerant type dryer
  • Absorption dryer
  • Plastics dryer
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Data sheet

E + E
Working temperature range
probe: -40...70°C (-40...158°F);electronic: -40...60°C (-40...140°F);with LC display: -20...50°C (-4...122°F)
Electromagnetic compatibility according to
EN 61326-1 For Industrial Environment EN61326-2-3 I For Industrial Environment CES-003 ClassB FCC Part15 ClassB
Sensor protection
stainless steel sintered filter
Pressure range
0...20bar (0...290psi) / 0...100bar (0...1450psi)
Current consumption
voltage output: typ. 40mA / during autocalibration: 100mA,current output: typ. 80mA / during autocalibration: 140mA
Supply voltage
10...30V DC
Protection class
Al Si 9 Cu 3 / IP65

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