Differential Pressure Instrument,Differential weight Instrument
Differential Pressure Instrument,Differential weight Instrument

Testo 521-3 - Differential Pressure Instrument

testo 521-3 differential pressure instrument is intended for high-exactness differential weight estimations in cooling and ventilation innovation. It tends to be utilized, for instance, for estimations in clean rooms and for pipe reviews – on account of an abnormal state of precision and remarkable goals. Related to a Pitot tube (discretionary), the coordinated weight sensor estimates stream speeds of +1 to +20 m/s.


  • Differential pressure probes
  • Absolute pressure probes
  • Relative pressure probes
  • Temperature probes (e.g. surface probes or immersion and penetration probes)


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The coordinated differential pressure sensor empowers the testo 521-3 estimating instrument to compute stream speed and volume stream utilizing a Pitot tube (which can be requested independently). The differential weight estimating instrument additionally offers coordinated and multi-point mean computation.

The discretionary ComSoft programming empowers you to spare the estimation information with the goal that it is connected to the estimating area and investigate it on the PC. You can utilize the discretionary testo quick printer to print out estimation information specifically at the estimating area.

You can pick between the accompanying units for weight estimation: mbar, hPa, bar, Pa, kPa, inH2O, mmH2O, torr and psi. The mean esteem, the last estimated esteem and the min./max. qualities can be shown at the press of a catch.

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Data sheet

Testo 521-3
Measuring Range
0 to 2.5 hPa**(Internal Probe),0 to 2000 hPa(External Probe)
±0.5 Pa (0 to 20 Pa),±(0.5 Pa ±0.5 % of mv) (20.1 to 250 Pa)(Internal Probe)±0.1 % of mv*(External Probe)
0.1 Pa
Storage Conditions
Temp:-20 to +70 °C
Power Supply
Battery/Rechargeable battery,Mains unit 12 V
Static Pressure
1000 hPa
100 kB; 25,000 measuring values
Overload limit
50 hPa
219 x 68 x 50 mm
300 g
2 years

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