Testo 521-2 - Differential Pressure Measuring Instrument

testo 521-2 differential pressure instrument is focused at exact differential weight estimations in cooling and ventilation innovation. It is magnificent for use in estimating the weight drop on channels and in checking fans and extractors. The estimating instrument is likewise appropriate for Pitot tube estimations in ventilation pipes or in process air (in the 5 to 100 m/s go).


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The differential pressure measuring instrument has an incorporated temperature-remunerated differential weight sensor which measures with a precision of 0.1 % of f.v. What's more, you can join up to 2 promote discretionary tests to the estimating instrument. This implies you can adaptably adjust the differential weight estimating instrument to your application. You have the decision of the accompanying tests

Features of Differential Pressure Instrument

Differential weight tests

Outright weight tests

Relative weight tests

Temperature tests (e.g. surface tests or drenching and infiltration tests)

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Data sheet

Measuring Range
Temp:-40 to +150 °C,Differential Pressure:0 to 100 hPa
Temp:±0.2 °C (-10 to +50 °C)*,Differential Pressure:±0.2 % of fsv
Temp:0.1 °C,Differential Pressure:0.01 hPa
LCD 7 segment display and point matrix 2x per second, in fast measurement 4x per second
Storage Conditions
Temp:-20 to +70 °C
Power Supply
Battery/Rechargeable battery,Mains unit 12 V
Static Pressure
1000 hPa
100 kB; 25,000 measuring values
Battery Life
Continuous operation w/ internal pressure sensor: 30 h; With rech. battery: 10 h; With carbon battery: 18 h
Overload limit
50 hPa
219 x 68 x 50 mm
300 g
2 years

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