• Keller High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

    Keller High Temperature Pressure Transmitters Series 35X HTC


    Keller High-Temperature Pressure Transmitters Series 35X HTC  is a device used to measure the piezoresistive high-temperature transmitter that is appropriate for medium temperatures up to 300 °C. This Keller Transmitter is pressed on the flush diaphragm and transmitted through an oil-filled capillary and onto the silicon measuring cell. The Pressure Transmitter’s capillary serves as a cooling spiral, enabling media, temperatures as high as 300 °C. The PROG30 program may be used to read out the electronics’ temperature, which cannot be higher than 120 °C. KELLER provides pressure ports in a variety of materials for very aggressive media.
    Applications: General industrial and OEM applications

  • Siemens® QBM2030 5 Differential Pressure Sensor

    Siemens QBM2030 1U Differential Pressure Sensor


    Siemens QBM2030 1U Differential Pressure Sensor is used to measure the slightest differential pressures variation in ventilation and air conditioning ducts, also Monitoring filters and control fans with output available in the device. The siemens pressure sensor acquires differential, over and under the pressure of air and nonaggressive gases.
    Applications: HVAC applications, cooling channels, Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms, and AHU applications Check wind streams, Monitor channels, and control fans

  • Siemens QBM3020 Differential Pressure Sensor

    Siemens QBM3020 Differential Pressure Sensor


    Siemens QBM3020 Differential Pressure Sensor uses a diaphragm sensing element and provides high range pressure measurement with accuracy and an output of 4 to 20 mA. Available with switchable pressure-linear or extracting-the-root characteristic and digital display. With the extracting-the-root characteristic, the pressure measuring range is adjustable.
    Applications: Measuring pressure in ventilation, Air conditioning ducts & Pressure supervision in labs, Checks air flows, HVAC, Control fans & Cleanrooms


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