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    ABB 266NSH High Overload Absolute Pressure Transmitter


    ABB 266NSH High Overload Absolute Pressure Transmitter with an integrated safety system for high overload. Model 266NSH is suitable for a wide range of options that require complete versatility to optimize the cost-effective aspect while providing a reliable solution for all those applications that are characterized by critical process media at extended temperature ranges.

    Applications: HVAC, Process vessels, Pipelines.

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    ABB 266HSH Pressure Transmitter


    ABB 266HSH Pressure Transmitter is a high overload pressure transmitter that works with maximum working pressure up to 105Mpa, 15225 psi which is suitable for measuring liquid, gas, or steam pressure in a pipe or on an open tank. The communication option for ABB 266HSH includes Modbus®, along with 4-20mA HART, low-power 1-5V HART, Wireless HART, Profibus, and Foundation Fieldbus.
    Applications: Panel Meter, Switches, Pumps, PLC, etc.


  • ABB 266DSH Differential Pressure Transmitter

    ABB 266DHH Differential Pressure Transmitter


    ABB 266DHH Differential Pressure Transmitter maximum working pressure of up to 5MPa (725psi). This pressure transmitter becomes the right solution for clean process fluids (generally water and clean oils). The pressure transmitter performance exceeds the expectations of direct-mounted diaphragm seal versions of differential pressure transmitters.

    Applications: Domestic, Process engineering, Chemical industry, Petrochemical industry Applications.


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