Digital Synchronized Wireless Clock System


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Digital Synchronized Wireless Clock System should be set periodically to NIIST & the rest of the clocks will automatically synchronize over wireless RF communication.

Applications: Used in Pharma Clean Rooms, Brokerages, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, multi-storied workplaces, time workplaces, railroads and air terminals, and so on

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Digital Synchronized Wireless Clock System will communicate to form a network of Master & Slave synchronization clock with no issue. Even if a clock, which is remotely located at a far off place, does not communicate with Master Clock or the nearest slave, even then, it continues to indicate real-time with the maximum error of +/- 2 minutes in a year

Features of Digital Synchronized Wireless Clock System :

  • RS 485  Communication.
  • theGlobal Positioning Satellite Time of the country.
  • High Super Bright 7 Segment
  • Display Panel
  • StainlessSteel Washable Front Plate

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

Ace Instruments


Standard GPS Accuracy of +/- 1 second relayed all across the network.In absence of GPS Signal, +/-60 Seconds per year standalone accuracy


4 Displays of (HH:MM) with 4” Height & 2 Displays of (SS) Height with 2.5” All 7 Segment Red LED Displays (HH:MM:SS)

Time Programming

Wireless IR Remote for time input for slave clocks in case of Communication Failure

Power Supply

120VAC to 24 V D.C., 500 mA (Adapters provided alongwith) total quantity 12 Nos. supplied alongwith

GPS Receiver Specifications of Master Clock

Antenna Type : Active
Antenna Wire Length : 3 mtrs.
Protocol : NMEA Standard
Cold Start : 45 Seconds ( Avg)
Warm Start : 45 Seconds ( Avg)
Hot Start : 2 Seconds

Time Display Format

24 Hours Time Format Standard / Optional 12 Hours Format


Mild Steel Powder Coated with Stainless Steel Front Flush Plate for Clean Room Modular Wall Mounting


Wired RS 485 Propreitory Protocol/ Optional Wireless RF Communication for Upto 108 Clocks in a single master slave network


Clean room environments, agriculture, HVAC operations, Clean Rooms, HVAC Operations, Industries

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Digital Synchronized Wireless Clock System


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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