Metravi CAL-400-3 Calibrator

Hand Held, 3-1/2 DigHand Held, 3-1/2 Digits, Battery Operated, 0 - 19.99/24mA, -199.9mV to 199.9mV source and current & power measurement

Applications: Machine building, Ship building, Measurement and Control Technology, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Pumps and Compressors


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Metravi CAL-400-3 can be also called as digital Milli-Volt/Milli Amperage Calibrator with 0 - 19.99mA / 0-24mA)


  • Portable instruments for calibrating process device  and measuring process signals.
  • Adjustable 0-24mA current source.
  • Adjustable -199.9mV to +199.9mV DCV source.
  • Current Calibrator drives loads up to 500 ohms.
  • The instruments power or measure a two-wire current loop.
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Data sheet

LCD display,max display counts 1999
Operating Conditions
Temp: 0 deg c to 50 deg c,Humidity:
Sampling Time
Appox. 0.4 second
Power Supply
DC 9V, NEDA,1604/IEC 6F22 battery or equivalent.Alkaline type or heavy duty type
Power Consumption
Current measurement: Approx.DC 12mA,power and current measurement:Approx DC 33mA,DC mV current source(Under 10mA signal output ): Approx DC 33 mA,DC mV source(under 100 mV signal output): Approx DC 12 mA
150 (H) * 70(W) *40(D)