ABB Electro pneumatic positioner
ABB Electro pneumatic positioner

ABB TZIDC Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

The TZIDC is an  Electro-pneumatic positioner with correspondence capacities intended for mounting to pneumatic straight or rotational actuators. It includes a little and minimal plan, a measured development, and a brilliant cost-execution proportion. Completely programmed assurance of the control parameters and adjustment to the last control component yield significant time reserve funds and an ideal control conduct.

Applications: Linear Cylinder, Diaphragm,throttling,Rotary actuator device


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 Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

An I/P module with consequent pneumatic intensifier is utilized to control the pneumatic actuator. The well-demonstrated I/P module relatively changes over the lasting electrical setpoint motion from the CPU into a pneumatic flag used to change a 3/3-way valve. The wind current for pressurizing or depressurizing the actuator is persistently balanced. Subsequently, fantastic control is accomplished.
When achieving the set point, the 3/3-way valve is shut in focus position to limit the air utilization. Four diverse pneumatics adaptations are accessible: for single-acting or twofold acting actuators, each with "safeguard" or "come up shortstop" work.

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Data sheet

Explosion protection
Case / Mounting
Case made of aluminium, varnished, for mounting to linear actuators acc. DIN / IEC 534 / NAMUR or to rotary actuators acc. VDI / VDE 3845
Input / Communication Port
Input 4 ... 20 mA, two-wire, with connector plug for LKS adapter
Output / Safe Position (in case of an electrical power failure)
Single acting, fail freeze
Option Modules for Analog or Digital Position Feedback
Optional Mechanical Kit for Digital Position Feedback
Design (Varnish / Coding)
1.7 Kgs

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