Flameproof Digital Vacuum Indicator,Vacuum Indicator,FLP Vacuum Indicator
Flameproof Digital Vacuum Indicator,Vacuum Indicator,FLP Vacuum Indicator

Flameproof Digital Vacuum Indicator

Flameproof Digital Vacuum Indicators manufactured by Ace Instruments are state of the art vacuum measuring instruments with an in-built stainless steel diaphragm sensor and housed in an explosion proof/flameproof enclosure suitable for operation in hazardous areas.

Applications: Chemicals, Plastics, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Stations, Fertilizers, Distillery Plant and Mines, Resin, Beverage Industries, Perfumes and Cosmetics Industries etc.


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Flameproof Digital Vacuum Indicators are the instrument which finds broad applications in online nonstop vacuum measurement at vacuum pumps, refining sections, reactors, vacuum lines, furnaces and so forth in risky (Ex-proof) territories with instruments housed in flameproof nooks affirmed by Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (CIMFR), Dhanbad, India, a specialist with global endorsements and procedures. Sensors utilized are in-constructed imported Stainless Steel with S.S. 316 wetted parts and diaphragm with 1/2" BSP Male threading association.

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Data sheet

Ace Instruments
+/- 0.5% of Full Scale.
1 Torr /0.1 Torr
Digit ,7 Segment , 1” High Red L.E.D. Display
Built -in Stainless Steel sensor with SS316 wetted parts
Instrument : 230 Volts A.C. , Single Phase Transmitter : 24 V.D.C. ( Provided in Instrument )
4 - 20 mA
Transmitter Output
4-20mA , 2 Wire
4-20 mA Retransmission corresponding to input range
Flameproof Weatherproof Enclosure in Aluminium LM 6 with certificate issued from Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research (CIMFR) for use in Hazardours Areas including Gas Group Areas I, II, IIA & IIB
RS 485 Modbus RTU Protocol communication for SCADA / Data Loggers / Recorders(Optional)
Control Output
Upto 2 Relay Outputs, 5 Amps at user settable limits from front push buttons
Instrument Enclosure is in Certified Flameproof Aluminium LM-6 & Vacuum Transmitter is in Flameproof Certified Enclosure with S.S. ½” BSP Male Threaded End
12 months Manufacturer Warranty

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