Flameproof 8 Channel Universal Data Logger, Flameproof 8 Data Logger
Universal Data Logger, Channel 8 Universal Data Logger
Flameproof 8 Channel Universal Data Logger, Flameproof 8 Data Logger

Flameproof 8 Channel Universal Data Logger

ACE Instruments make Flameproof 8 Channel Universal Input Scanner is used to Measure & Display Temperature/Pressure/Vacuum/Flow/pH of various places in a single instrument . 

Applications: Temperature recording applications in industry scientific research and quality assurance applications, research and development.


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 Flameproof 8 Channel Universal Input Scanner  have 2 Modes Auto & Manual are available. In Auto Mode, the instrument shifts from 1 channel to another at fixed interval. In Manual ( Hold ) mode, the instrument displays the temperature of the selected channel continuously.

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Data sheet

ACE Instruments
+/- 0.25 % of Full Scale
1 Digit for Channel No. ; 4 Digits for Process Variable
8 Nos. of Vacuum / Pressure / Humidity ( 4-20 mA ),RTD Pt-100 Sensors , 0 -1 Volts, Any Standard Thermocouple( To be specified at time of ordering )
5000 readings of all 8 Channels ( Optional )
Channel Skip , Hold & Auto Modes
Scan Time
1 to 59 seconds ( User Programmable )
Relay/ Alarm
2 Relay Contacts for Alarm & Trip
RS 232 / RS485 Computer Connectivity Output & Parallel Printer PortAre extra optional at Extra Price
Software Based for Individual Channel
12 months manufacturer warranty

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