Testo 316-2 Multiple Gas Leak Detector

Testo 316-2 ensures speedy and sure gas leak detection. This gas leak detector provides you with a quick and reliable means of detecting Methane, Propane and Hydrogen in the surrounding air. The gas concentration is displayed in the form of an easy-to-read bar and an alarm is triggered when a threshold is crossed. 


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Testo 316-2 gas leak detector provides you with a speedy and sure means of detecting higher concentrations of methane, propane and hydrogen in the surrounding air.The detector’s easy-to-read 18-step bar display and maximum leakage reading show the concentration of combustible gas in the surrounding air and lead you quickly and reliably to the source of the leak. The detector also has an audible alarm that warns you when a threshold is crossed and a headphone jack which allows you to connect earphones for more focused and productive working in loud or distracting environments.


18-step bar for displaying gas concentration; additional maximum leakage display
Quick reaction time with built-in pump
Fexible gooseneck sensor for checking hard-to-reach pipes and places
Rechargeable batteries for longer performance

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Data sheet

Propane (C₃H₈)
Measuring range: 10 ppm to 1.9 Vol.%, Lower response threshold: 10 ppm, 1st alarm limit: 100 ppm, 2nd alarm limit: 5000 ppm
Operating Temperature
-5 to +50 °C
Operating Humidity
20 to 80 %RH
Heating Time
60 s
Battery Life
6 h
Reaction time (t 90)
t90 < 2 s
Storage Temperature
-25 to +60 °C
190 x 57 x 42 mm (without sensors)
2 years

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