Testo, Testo 535
Testo 535 Carbon Dioxide meter
Carbon Dioxide meter, CO2 meter
Testo, Testo 535

Testo 535 - Carbon Dioxide (CO2) meter

The testo 535 CO2meter comes with a permanently attached sensor and is designed specifically for measurement of co2 and optimising the ambient air.  

Applications: Houses, HVAC, Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, offices.


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The testo 535 CO2 is ideal for monitoring and optimising the room climate, i.e. in offices. It can also be used to check if existing air conditioning and ventilation systems are providing the relevant rooms with enough fresh air.

The high-precision, long-term stable, 2-channel infrared sensor measures the CO2 concentration in the ambient air. Because the 2-channel infrared sensor is maintenance-free, it can also be used to carry out long-term measurements. The readings from such measurements can be analysed using the minimum, maximum and average values. All these values can be displayed at the touch of a key.

The optional testo turbo printer can provide you with measuring data print outs that include both the time and date while you are still on site. And the optional Top Safe protective cover protects your meter against impact and dirt and water ingress

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Data sheet

Testo 535
Measuring Range
0 to 9999 ppm 0 to 0.999 Vol.%
0 to 5000 ppm: ±(75 ppm + 3 % of mv) 5001 to 9999 ppm: ±(150 ppm + 5 % of mv)
1 ppm 0.001 Vol.%
Operating Temperature
0 to +50 °C
Storage Temperature
-20 to +70 °C
190 x 57 x 42 mm
Approx 500 grms

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