Hospital OT Room Monitor- Model AI-CRM3-1-1

The Hospital Operation Theatre Monitor is designed to measure the vital parameters of Temperature,Humidity & Differential Pressure in Hospital Operation Theatre Room Applications.

Applications: Hospitals Operation Theatres, Medical Labs, Pharma Labs, Green Houses etc.


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The Hospital OT Monitor is designed to measure the vital parameters of Temperature,Humidity & Differential Pressure in Hospital Operation Theatre room Applications.The Model AI-CRM3-1-1 is designed for minimum cabling & easy flush mounting in Modular Wall or Brick Walls of Hospital Operation Theatre Rooms. The sensor for humidity & temperature is externally provided so that the sensor can be mounted in the Operation Theatre & the display can be outside the Operation Theatre. The differential pressure sensor is built inside the Hospital Operation Theatre Room Monitor with 2 Nos. Hose Nipples for room & corridor connection .

Easy integration to Building Management Systems ( BMS ) with the RS 485 Modbus RTU Protocol Communication allow easy set up & great control.The Display of the Hospital Operation Theatre Monitor AI-CRM3-1-1 is a large 1” high super bright display with integrated buzzer alarm for process limit violation alert for each of the 3 parameters of temperature , humidity & differential pressure .The display LEDs also show the alarm status for easy identification & follow-up remedial action.

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Data sheet

ACE Instruments
1) -30.0 to +50.0 Deg. C typical for Temperature 2) 0.0 to 100.0 %RH typical for Relative humidity 3) 0.0 to +25.0 mm. W.C./ 0 to 250 Pascals (Any other customized range as per user specifications)
1) ±0.50 C for -30 to 500 C for temperature 2) ±1.8% for 10 to 95% RH for relative humidity 3) ±0.5% F.S. for Differential pressure
Fixed 0.1 for both Temperature & Relative humidity, 0.1 mm. W.C. or 1 pascal for different pressure
3 Line Red 7 Segment LED Display ; 4 Digits for Differential Pressure on Line 1 ; 4 Digits for Temperature ( Deg. C) on Line 2 ; 4 Digits for % R.H. ( Humidity ) on Line 3 All Digit Size: 1 Inch
Differential Pressure Entry
2 Nos. 4 mm. Hose Nipples at top of clean room monitor enclosure
1) External Humidity & Temperature Sensor in Stainless Steel Front Flush Plate Enclosure 2) Built-in differential pressure sensor with Brass Hose Nipples (Chrome Plated) for Differential Pressure At Rear ( 4mm x 2 Nos.)
Supply voltage
24VDC , 250mA
M.S. Powder Coated Body with Stainless Steel Front Flush Plate for Modular Wall Mounting /Optional Brick Wall Mounting
RS 485 Modbus RTU Protocol communication for BMS / SCADA / PLC integration.
Sensor Type
1) Combination External Humidity & Temperature Sensor 2) Built In Piezo Resistive Sensor for Differential Pressure
Integrated buzzer for Alarm Hi & Lo in case of process violation of any of the 3 parameters
By 4 keys on the front stainless steel panel
Wall mounting / Modular Wall mounting with Stainless Steel Front Flush Plate for Clean Rooms
Will be provided at no extra cost valid for 1yr traceable to Electronic Test & Development Centre
1) Enclosure : 115(W) X 150(H) X 40(D) mm. 2) Stainless Steel Front Plate : 145W x 160 (H) mm
12 Months Manufacturer warranty

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Best OT Room Monitor i have received. Shipped on time. Good packing.

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