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    CET 200F Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    CET 200F Electromagnetic Flowmeter intended for different conductive liquids and suited for utility based applications. Compact and measured plan makes it reasonable for simple establishment.

    Application: Water& Wastewater, chilled water and HVAC Applications

  • fluke 922 airflow meter

    Fluke 922 Airflow Meter Micromanometer


    Fluke 922 Airflow Meter Micromanometer makes airflow estimations easy by combining pressure, airflow, and velocity into a single, rugged meter. Perfect with most pitot tubes. Fluke airflow meter and micro manometers allow technicians to conveniently enter their duct shape and dimensions for maximum measurement accuracy.
    Applications: Mining, Nuclear reactors, Automobiles to ensure that the proper amount of air enters the internal combustion engine.

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    KIMO C 310 Multifunction Transmitter

    KIMO C 310 multifunction transmitter with interchangeable probes. Its display can show up to 4 parameters, but can also show a trend graph and the min/max values. It has 2 analog outputs, which can be expanded by 2 more. Optional, there is also a Modbus or Ethernet connection.

    Applications: Clean Rooms, Pharmaceutical, HVAC

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    ABB  FEP-300 Magnetic Flow Meter


    ABB  FEP-300 Magnetic Flow Meter is powerful transmitter which easy to use and provides the output signal that meets the needs. It is a versatile, reasonably priced, most accurate flow meter tailored for all process industry applications.

    Applications: Chemical, Power, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper and Metals & Mining, Water distribution network, clean water supply, Monitoring and optimization of pump efficiency, Calculation of distribution system losses, Calculation of bills for water supplied, Irrigation systems etc.

  • Buy Testo 416 Air flow Meter online, Air flow meter

    Testo 416 Airflow Meter With Telescopic Vane


    Testo 416 Air Flow Meter provides you with quick and reliable airflow readings on an easy-to-read, backlight display. The permanently connected telescopic sensor, which can be extended to a maximum length of 890 mm and a mini vane that has a diameter of 16 mm makes the airflow meter ideal for measuring the airflow & air volume in air ducts.

    Applications: Ventilation and A/C systems, Refrigeration Technology, Indoor Air and Comfort

  • Rotronic AF1 Air Flow Transmitter

    Rotronic AF1 Air Flow Transmitter

    Rotronic AF1 Air Flow Transmitter is a high-precision stable transmitter used to measure air velocity and temperature. This transmitter has a calorimetric sensor and outstanding long-term stability. The output signals and measuring range can be configured easily by using Software or integrated DIP switches.
    Applications: HVAC, Air conditioning, etc

  • Air Velocity Meter

    Testo 425 Air Velocity Meter with Thermal Flow Probe


    Testo 425 Air Velocity Meter is a multi-functional device that records the flow speed, calculates the volumetric flow and also measures the temperature. This Air Velocity Meter has a measuring range of 0 to +20 m/s, making it best suited to low airflow velocity.
    Applications: Functional testing of ventilation and air conditioning systems, Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms, Laminar Air Flow Cabinets, HVAC, Biosafety Cabinets, AHUs

  • Siemens® QFM2171 Duct Sensor

    Siemens® QFM2171 Duct Sensor

    Siemens® QFM2171 Duct Sensor transmits changes in humidity and temperature to the building control systems. These sensors are mainly suitable for applications where precise, stable humidity sensing is required.
    Applications: Air Ducts, HVAC Systems, etc.

  • Siemens QBM2030 30 Differential Pressure Sensor

    Siemens QBM2030 30 Differential Pressure Sensor


    Siemens QBM2030 30 Differential Pressure Sensor is used to measure the slightest differential pressure variation in ventilation and air conditioning ducts. This Siemens Pressure Sensor also Monitors filters and control fans with output available in the device. The siemens Pressure Sensor acquires differential, over and under the pressure of air and nonaggressive gases.

    Applications: This pressure sensor is widely used in HVAC applications for measuring the difference between positive and negative pressure. Measuring the smallest differential weights in ventilation and cooling channels, Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms, and AHU applications Check wind streams, Monitor channels, and control fans


  • Vane Type Anemometer

    Testo 417 Large Surface Vane Anemometer


    Testo 417 Laser Surface Vane Anemometer enables you to measure airflow speed and directions as well as volumetric flow rate and temperature. This Testo vane anemometer can also calculate the mean time value, average value, minimum and maximum value at the touch of a key. The coordinated vane of the anemometer makes it perfect for completing estimations at air bays and outlets. The optionally available vent 417 funnel set allows users to carry out measurements at ventilation grilles and disk valves.
    Applications: Ventilation and A/C systems, Refrigeration Technology, Indoor Air and Comfort.

  • Testo 440 Air Velocity and IAQ Monitor

    Testo 440 Air Velocity and IAQ Monitor


    Testo 440 Air Velocity and IAQ Monitor is used to measure the speed and volume of air movement. This Anemometer also measures and indicates the temperature. This Testo 440 Air Velocity and IAQ Monitor is a compact handheld device intuitive measurement menus and a comprehensive selection of air velocity & IAQ probes.
    Applications: Air Quality Monitoring Places, All the air velocity and IAQ parameters for air conditioning and ventilation systems

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    Extech EN100 Environmental Meter

    Extech EN100 Environmental Meter is a Compact Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer with Light Sensor. 11-in-1 Environmental Meter for indoor and outdoor conditions. the light sensor measures light level. Auto-rotating display depending on the selected function.

    Applications: Industrial Applications, Weather Stations.


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