Honeywell UB Series Controller
Honeywell UB Series Controller

Honeywell UB Series Controller

The UB series stand alone controllers are intended for Heating, Ventilating, AirConditioning and Refrigeration in comfort control.It can be used to control temperature, humidity and so on. Built-in multiple application programs are selectable.


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Model No

UB4334SEN Controller

Analog Input Specification


Input Type

Temperature Sensor

Voltage Input

Sensor Type

20K ohm NTC

10K ohm NTC



Operating Range

Outdoor: -40 ~ 50 Indoor: 0 ~ 50

Outdoor:-30~ 50 Indoor: 0 ~ 50

-40 ~ 50



±0.5 (10, 32) ±1.1 (-1,43)±2.8 (-40,50)

±0.5 (10, 32±1.1


±2.8 (-40,50)

±1% of full scale

Digital Input Specification

Input Type

Dry Contact

Voltage Rating

0 ~ 30 VDC open circuit (max)

Current Rating

5 mA short circuit current (max)

Performance Requirements

Open circuit (≥3000 ohm)

Closed circuit (≤500 ohm)

Digital Output Specification

Voltage rating

20~30Vac, 50/60Hz

Current rating

25mA to 500mA (AC), continues; 800mA (AC ms) for 60 milliseconds;

Analog Output Specification

Current output range

4mA~20mA DC

Output load resistance

550 ohm ( max)

Voltage output range

0~10V DC

Maximum current output

10mA DC

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