Lutron AM-4234SD Hot Wire Anemometer

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Lutron AM-4234SD Hot Wire Anemometer is a reliable tool for accurate temperature, humidity, airflow, air velocity, dew point and K/J Thermometer measurements. The Hot Wire Anemometer holds data and records functions, enabling users to capture and analyze airflow data efficiently. It has a large LCD, which enables easy reading of measurements, while its user-friendly interface allows for intuitive operation.

Applications: Environmental testing, HVAC, Air conveyors, Flow hoods, Clean rooms, Air velocity, Air balancing, Fans/motors/blowers, Furnace velocity, Refrigerated case, Paint spray booths.

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Lutron AM-4234SD Hot Wire Anemometer designed for measuring air velocity and temperature with accuracy and reliability. Even at low air velocity values, the combination of a standard thermistor and a hot wire allows for quick and accurate monitoring. It provides ease in both field and laboratory settings because of its small and lightweight design.

Features of Lutron Hot Wire Anemometer:

  • Hot wire anemometer probe and humidity/temperature probe are two probes that can be used with a single meter.
  • Data hold, record max, and min readings
  • SD card data logger: Saves data in MS Excel .xls format for easy analysis on a computer
  • Real-time clock and calendar for time-stamping measurements
  • Large LCD with green backlight for clear visibility
  • Auto power off or manual power off function
  • Microcomputer circuit for high accuracy
  • RS232/USB interface for PC connection
  • Separate probe design for easy use in different environments

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Measuring Parameters

Temperature,Humidity,Air flow, Air velocity,Dew Point,K/J Thermometer

Measuring Range (Temperature)

0 ℃ to 50 ℃/32 ℉ to 122 ℉

Accuracy (Temperature)

± 0.8 ℃/1.5 ℉

Resolution (Temperature)

0.1 degree

Measuring Range (Humidity)

5 % to 95 % R.H

Accuracy (Humidity)

< 70% RH : ± 3% RH

Resolution (Humidity)

0.1 % R.H.

Measuring Range (Air Flow)

0 to 1,589,200 CFM

Resolution (Air Flow)

0.001 to 100CFM

Measuring Range (Air Velocity)

0 to 35.0 m/

Accuracy (Air Velocity)

± ( 5% + a ) reading

Resolution (Air Velocity)

0.01 m/s to 0.1 m/s

Measuring Range (Dew Point)

-25.3 to 48.9 ℃ (-13.5℉ to 120.1 ℉)

Resolution (Dew Point)

-25.3 to 48.9 ℃ (-13.5℉ to 120.1 ℉)

Measuring Range (K/J Thermometer)

-50.0 to -100.0 ℃

Accuracy (K/J thermometer)

± ( 0.4 % + 0.5 ) ± ( 0.4 % + 1.8 )


LCD size : 52 mm x 38 mm LCD with green backlight ( ON/OFF )

Sampling Time

Approx. 1 second.

Data Hold

Freeze the display reading

Memory Card

SD memory card. 1 GB to 16 GB.

Operating Temperature

0 to 50 . ℃

Operating Humidity

Less than 85% R.H.

Power Supply

* AAlkaline or heavy duty DC 1.5 V battery ( UM3, AA ) x 6 PCs, or equivalent., DC 9V adapter input. ( AC/DC power adapter is optional ).


182 X 73 X 47.5 mm




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