Lutron MT5 digital infrared thermometer

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Lutron MT-5 Digital Infrared Thermometer offers precise non-contact temperature measurements, ensuring accuracy and efficiency across various applications with its wide temperature range and rapid response, making it an essential tool for safe and reliable temperature monitoring.

Applications: Industrial Maintenance, Food Safety, Automotive, Medical, Home Inspections


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Lutron MT5 digital infrared thermometer typically functions by measuring temperature from a distance using infrared technology. It allows users to point the device at an object or surface and obtain temperature readings without direct contact. These thermometers are commonly used in various settings such as industrial, automotive, medical, food safety, and home applications.

Feature of Lutron MT5 digital infrared thermometer: 

  • These thermometers typically have a wide temperature range suitable for various applications, from low to high temperatures.
  • Good infrared thermometers provide accurate and precise temperature measurements, ensuring reliability in various settings.
  • They offer quick temperature readings, usually within a few seconds, making them efficient for tasks that require immediate results.
  • Some models allow users to adjust the emissivity setting, which is crucial for accurate temperature measurements on different surfaces or materials.

Additional information



Model No


Measuring Parameters

Infrared Temperature

Operating Temperature

(-40)°C – 800°C


Backlit graphic LCD



Temperature Range

-20 to 530 Deg C

Power Source

Battery Opearted



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Lutron MT5 digital infrared thermometer