Lutron TM-969 1000℃ Infrared Thermometer

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Lutron TM-969 1000℃ Infrared Thermometer is designed to measure temperatures with precision and accuracy. This  Lutron IR Thermometer is equipped with advanced technology that enables it to measure temperatures up to 1000℃ without the need for contact.

Applications: including automotive, HVAC, electrical, and industrial settings.

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Lutron TM-969 1000℃ Infrared Thermometer is a high-precision infrared sensor that provides accurate temperature readings with a response time of just 500ms. The IR Thermometer has a large, backlit LCD screen that displays temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also features a built-in laser pointer that enables users to pinpoint the exact location they wish to measure.

Features of Lutron Infrared Thermometer:

  • Large LCD display with backlight
  • Thermocouple Type K, up to 1,400°C
  • Hi/Lo Temperature Audio Alarm
  • Min., Max., Differential, Average, Lock mode.

Additional information



Model No


Measuring Parameters

IR Temperature, Temperature – Type K TC

Temperature Range

-60 to 1000℃


± 1℃

Temperature Resolution

0.1 ℃

Temperature - TC Type K

-64 to 1400 ℃


± 1 %


± 1 %


0.10 to 1.00

Wave length Region

8 to 14 micro meter

Sampling Time

Approx. 0.7 second

Power Supply

DC 1.5V AAA ( UM-4 ) battery x 2 PCs, heavy duty or Alkaline

Operating Temperature

0 to 50 ℃

Operating Humidity

Less than 80% RH


203 x 197 x 47 mm


386 g

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Lutron TM-969 1000℃ Infrared Thermometer