Mcleod gauge,vacuum gauge,Mcleod Gauge With Mercury
mcleod guage
Mcleod gauge,vacuum gauge,Mcleod Gauge With Mercury

Mcleod Gauge with Mercury

Mcleod Gauge with Mercury is the industry standard vacuum estimating gauge which utilizes a mercury column on a calibrated analog-digital scale and a metallic base stand with the rotating arrangement is provided as a standard supply for fast and accurate measurement.provided as standard supply.

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Mcleod Gauge with Mercury

The Mcleod Gauge with Mercury comes with a hose nipple connection at the back for connecting the measurement point to the gauge. The gauge is tilted (rotated) by 90° for measuring the vacuum readout. High purity mercury is provided along with gives precise results and finds extensive use in measuring vacuum at vacuum pumps, vacuum ejectors, vacuum systems, chemical, and pharma industry for vacuum measurement at reactors, vacuum metalizing plants, oil filtration units, and endless other uses.

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Data sheet

ACE Instruments
Measuring Range
Standard : 10 to 0.01 mm.Hg. Optional : 1 to 0.001 mm.Hg.
Provided alongwith and valid for 1 year, traceable to National Standards
L-170mm, W-110mm, D-30mm
No Warranty is provided since it is a glass based instrument & hence fragile

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