Metravi DT-2350B Stroboscope

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Metravi DT-2350B Stroboscope is a versatile device used to observe and measure the speed and motion of rotating or reciprocating machinery. With adjustable flash rates and high-intensity lighting, it provides precise synchronization, making it ideal for motion analysis and inspection across various industrial applications.

Application: Machinery Inspection, Quality Control, Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Automotive Industry, Textile Industry.

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Metravi DT-2350B Stroboscope is a device used to observe and measure the rotational or reciprocating motion of a machine or object. It produces bright, intermittent flashes of light at adjustable frequencies, allowing the user to freeze and observe fast-moving parts or rotating machinery. This tool finds applications across various industries for motion analysis, inspection, and synchronization purposes.

Features of Metravi DT-2350B:

  • The stroboscope can usually produce light pulses at variable frequencies, allowing the user to synchronize the flashes with the target’s speed or motion.
  • Stroboscopes often have high-intensity lighting to illuminate moving parts effectively, and they are built to withstand industrial environments.
  • Some models may include a digital display to indicate the flash rate or other settings, offering easy adjustments and precise control.
  • Stroboscopes might be powered by batteries for portability or by AC power for continuous and extended use.
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