Mextech Ultrasonic Thickness Meter TM 8812

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Mextech Ultrasonic Thickness Meter TM 8812 gives a memory highlight that makes it less demanding to store and get to earlier estimations amid assessments. The Thickness Meter has an programmed power-off highlight to keep up battery life and straightforward calibration methods that make it simple to utilize. Its strong plan ensures life span in a extend of working conditions.

Applications: Manufacturing and Quality Control, Aircraft Maintenance, Automotive Industry, Shipbuilding and Marine Industry.





Mextech Ultrasonic Thickness Meter TM 8812is built to utilize ultrasonic innovation to degree the thickness of distinctive materials. This gadget is will be valuable for assessing the judgment of metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, and other homogenous materials. Utilizing a transducer, the Ultrasonic Thickness Gage creates ultrasonic waves that pass through the fabric being tried and bounce back. The gadget calculates the thickness of the fabric by measuring the time it takes for the waves to return

Features of Mextech Ultrasonic Thickness Meter:
  • The TM-8812 is an compelling device for measuring thickness on a assortment of materials since it utilizes ultrasonic waves to do so.
  •  With a determination of 0.1mm/0.001 inch, it gives exact estimation to calculate thickness.
  •  Metals, polymers, ceramics, and composite materials can all have their thicknesses measured with this meter.
  •  The TM-8812 gloats an easy-to-use interface and operation.
  • Enables you to utilize the included 5mm test piece to calibrate the meter.
  • The thickness meter can degree from 1.0mm to 200mm.

Additional information



Model No

TM 8812

Measuring Range (metric/imperial)

1.0mm to 200mm

Operating principle



Self Calibration. 5mm (0.197 inch) Test Block Included


0.1mm/0.001 inch



Power Supply

4×1.5V AAA (UM-4)battery


LCD Display, 4 Digits, 10mm

Battery Indicator

Low Battery Indicator

Velocity Range

1000 to 9000 m/s




120 x 62 x 30mm


164 Grams


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