Laben BM-950 Microscope, BM-950,Microscope
Laben BM-950 Microscope, BM-950,Microscope

Laben BM-950 Microscope

Laben BM-900 Microscope provides Microscopy solutions for the future oriented markets of – Industrial Solutions and Medical Research Solutions, Life sciences, Nanotechnology, automation and software solutions – these are the subjects of the future. Application: School,Colleges, Medicals,Laboratories,Pharmaceuticals Industry


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Laben BM-900 Microscope microscope is an instrument used to see objects that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Microscope is the science of investigating small objects and structures using such an instrument.

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Data sheet

BM 950
Illumination value
Light Source: Illumination system LED 3.5W 3V with intensity control regulator, Universal power supply 110V - 240V
Objective Nosepiece
Ball bearing loaded, quadruple nosepiece with precise, positive stops for centered alignment of objectives.
Wide Field eyepiece WF 10x, FOV 18mm
Viewing Tube
30° inclined Seidentopf binocular head, Interpupillary distance: 55-75mm, ±5 diopter adjustable
Bright field Objectives
Semi Plan anti fungus Objective 4X, 10X, 40X (S) and 100X Oil(S)
Specimen Stage
Graduated rectangular stage, size 140 x 140mm with cross travel 80 (X) x 55mm (Y) on ball bearing with coaxial controls
Focus controls
Geared Co-axial coarse & fine focusing mechanism, with maximum height lockable clip. Ergonomically designed for easy grip. Focusing range-30mm
Package Contents
Packing: Styrofoam Packing & Outer corrugated box Supplied with: User manual, Vinyl Dust cover, Cleaning cloth and 02 units of Fuses
Sub-Stage Condenser
Abbe Condenser, NA 1.25 with complete with Iris diaphragm and filter holder

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