• Ace 16 channel data logger

    Ace 16 Channel Data Logger (FDA 21CFR)

    Ace 16 Channel Data Logger is designed to take inputs of RTD Pt-100 Sensors(Temperature), Pressure( 4-20 mA), Humidity (4-20 mA) Temperature from Transmitters (4-20 mA), any Thermocouples, Voltage or Current(mA) Signals. The single instrument is mainly used to record the temperature, pressure and, vacuum, flow and, pH, conductivity on different channels with this single device.
    Applications: Pharmaceutical industry, Water pumping station, Iron and steel industry, Chemical industry, Petroleum industry, etc.

  • Testo 176 T3 Temperature Data Logger

    Testo 176 T3 Temperature Data Logger


    Testo 176 T3 Temperature Data Logger is ideal for monitoring temperature values in production processes. Its robust metal housing makes it ideal for use in the industrial sector. With inputs for 4 thermocouple probes, it can measure up to four points in parallel.
    Applications: Super freezer or under cryogenic conditions, Monitoring process temperatures, Flow and return temperature of heating systems


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