Non Contact IR Pyrometer, IR Pyrometer
Non Contact IR Pyrometer, IR Pyrometer

DIAS DT4L Non Contact IR Pyrometer

The Digital  IR Pyrometers PYROSPOT DT4L are specifically designed for industrial purpose. The devices are suitable for temperature measurement from –40 °C to 1000 °C on many different nonmetallic or coated metallic surfaces. The solid body allows usage even under rough environmental conditions.

Applications: Large sheets of glass or metal exiting an oven, fabric and paper, or continuous piles of material along a conveyor belt. 


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The  Non Contact IR Pyrometer temperature linear standard output signal of 0/4 to 20 mA allows easy implementation in existing measuring and controlling systems. The device is equipped with a galvanically isolated RS-485 interface, which allows parameterising and software evaluation even in bus systems. All parameters are adjustable via push-buttons and display directly on the device. Also by using the comfortable parameterising and evaluation software PYROSOFT Spot the parameters can be easily adjusted to the application.

Typical application areas:

• Paper and packaging industry
• Kiln engineering
• Glass and ceramics industry
• Food industry
• Chemical industry

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Data sheet

DIAS Infrared Sysytem
Temperature Range
–40 °C to 1000 °C
Spectral range
8 μm to 14 μm
Data Storage
Minimum and maximum value storage
RS-485 (galvanically isolated), half duplex, max. baudrate 115 kBd, data protocol Modbus RTU
Operating Temperature
Head: 0 °C to 125 °C, electronics box: 0 °C to 70 ° C, head (HT): 0 °C to 180 °C
Storage Temperature
–20 °C to 70 °C
Emissivity adjustment
0.200 to 1.000, adjustable (factory setting when delivered: 1.000)
Safety Rating
IP65 (DIN EN 60529, DIN 40050)
Fixed optics : 20 : 1
Response Time
100 ms, adjustable up to 100 s
Power Supply
24 V DC ± 25 %, residual ripple 500 mV
Power Consumption
approx. 2 W
Data Storage Capacity
Minimum and maximum value storage
0/4 to 20 mA, switchable, temperature linear, max. burden 700 Ω
Approx. 110 mm × 80 mm × 40 mm (electronics box)
1 year

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