Testo 845, Infrared temperature
Testo 845, Infrared temperature

Testo 845 Infrared Themometer

Testo 845 Infrared Thermometer with switch optics measure the surface temperature with accuracy ±0.75 °C.Infrared thermometer with cross laser sighting and switchable optics for far-field measurement and close focus measurement, incl. PC software with USB cable, aluminum case, calibration protocol, incl. batteries


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Testo 845 Infrared Temperature instruments - The temperature measuring instruments has cross laser checking and switchable optics for far-field and close-center estimation. The infrared thermometer is subsequently / preferably suited for non-contact estimation of surface temperatures, both at short and long separations.

Applications for building administrations/cooling innovation: 


·        Checking the temperature on ventilation pipes.

·        Deciding warmth profiles and warm protection in structures.

·        Area of cool platforms and protection powerless focuses.

·        Detection of excessively high temperatures on switching cabinets.

·        Temperature measurements on freezing units.

·        Recording and Proving temperature measurements on generators and drives.

·        Temperature checks on running rubber tyres.

·        Temperature measurement on plastic in the dehydrating process.


Applications in warming building: 

Surface estimation on radiators, painted warming pipes.
Estimation of floor covers to find warming pipes.

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Data sheet

Measuring Range
-35 to +950 °C
±2.5 °C (-35 to -20.1 °C),±1.5 °C (-20 to +19.9 °C),±0.75 °C (+20 to +99.9 °C),±0.75 % of mv (+100 to +950 °C)
0.1 °C
t95: 150 ms; Scanning Max/Min/Alarm: 100ms
25 h (without laser), 10 h (with laser without light), 5 h (with laser and 50% light)
Adjustable 0.1 to 1.0
black/gray, metal screen
155 x 58 x 195 mm
465 g

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