Lutron DO-5510 HA Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Lutron Oxygen Meter  DO-5510 HA is supplied with a polarographic type probe with an incorporated Temperature sensor which serves for precise Dissolved Oxygen(DO),Oxygen in air(O2), Temperature measurement.

Applications: Aquarium, Medical research, Agriculture, Fish hatcheries, Laboratory, Water conditioning, Mining industry, Schools & Colleges, Quality control.


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Lutron Oxygen Meter  DO-5510 HA measure DO, O2, Temperature and its Microprocessor circuit assures high accuracy and provides special functions and features multi-display, show oxygen & Temp. at the same time.


• The polarographic type oxygen probe with an incorporated Temp. sensor, high precision measurement for Dissolved

• Heavy duty dissolved oxygen probe, probe head can connect with BOD bottle.

• Microprocessor circuit assures high accuracy and provides special functions and features

• Multi-display, show oxygen & Temp. at the same time• Use the durable, long-lasting components, including a heavy duty & compact ABS-plastic housing case

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Data sheet

Measuring Range
Dissolved Oxygen : 0 to 20.0 mg/L(liter) || Oxygen in Air 0 to 100.0 % || Temperature 0 to 50
Air and neutral gases
Dissolved Oxygen 0.1 mg/L || Oxygen in Air 0.1 % O2 || Temperature 0.1
Dual function meter's display, 13 mm(0.5"). Super large LCD display with contrast adjustment for best viewing angle.
Operating Temperature
0 to 50 (32 to 122 )
Operating Humidity
Max. 80% RH
Custom one-chip of microprocessor LSI circuit
Power Current
Approx. DC 6.6 mA
Power off
Auto power off saves battery life, or manual off by push button
Power Supply
006P DC 9V battery(Heavy duty type)
CP111/112 : 21 000 Pa – CP113 : 69 000 Pa
Main instrument : 185 x 78 x 38 mm ( 7.3 x 3.0 x 1.5 inch ) || Oxygen Probe : 190 mm x 28 mm Dia. ( 7.5" x 1.1" Dia.)
Oxygen probe( OXPB-11 ), Carrying case, Spare Probe head with Diaphragm, Probe-filling Electrolyte
Memory Recall
Records Maximum, Minimum and Average readings with RECALL
Sample Time
Approx. 0.4 sec
335 g/0.74 LB (batteries & probe included)

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