hospital pressure controller, differential pressure controller online
differential pressure controller, differential pressure indicator controller
hospital pressure controller, differential pressure controller online

Digital Differential Pressure Controller Model - AI-DDPC

ACE Instruments make Digital Differential Pressure Controller are critical for precise monitoring of differential pressure in Clean rooms, HVAC applications, Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant areas, Filter monitoring, Fan & Blower pressure monitoring, Laminar air flow cabinets, etc.


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ACE INSTRUMENTS make Digital Differential Pressure Controller are digital readout differential pressure monitors designed for measuring the room pressure inside Pharma clean rooms, hospital operation theater & isolation rooms. Digital Differential Pressure Controller are part replacement for the analog differential pressure controller & are easy to read with crystal clear 4 digit LED Display. It comes with built in sensor & also a buzzer alarm with acknowledgement facility for process violation alert in case of room pressure exceeding set limits.

Salient features: Include Unit Conversion at the press of a key between mm.W.C. & Pascals, integrated buzzer alarm for set point violation alert, analog 4-20 mA Output,30 mm. Depth for easy fitment into Modular Wall or brick wall (with an overall wall grouting box) & RS 485 Modbus communication for BMS/SCADA/PLC integration.

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Data sheet

ACE Instruments
+/- 0.5% of Full Scale
1 Pascals / 0.1 mm.W.C.
Integrated 4 Digit Red LED 7 Segment Display 0.5”
Maximum Over Pressure
2 Times the rated pressure
Integrated High Speed Differential Pressure Sensor
Power Supply
24 Volts D.C. Typical
Aluminium LM-6 Powder Coated Body with Flush Bezel Fitment ; Water Splash Proof Polycarbonate Front Sticker
Optional Isolated RS485 Modbus Protocol Communication
Air or Gases ( Non Corrosive )
Alarm Type
Built in Buzzer Alarm for Process Violation Alert
Standard 4 ½'' (114.3mm.) Diameter ; Depth : 30 mm. Depth
Provided alongwith and valid for 1 year, traceable to National Standards
12 Months Manufacturer warranty

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