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    Testo 316-3 Refrigerant Leak Detector


    The testo 316-3 refrigerant leak detector is one bit of kit each refrigerant technician would need himself to be equipped with. The handheld leak detector can recognize all the most common cooling agents along with even the smallest leaks. Comes with an automatic zero setting that also empowers you to locate leaks in contaminated rooms.

    Applications: Machine building, Ship building, Measurement and Control Technology, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Pumps and Compressors


  • Carbon Monoxide Meter

    Testo 317-3 Carbon Monoxide Detector


    Testo 317-3 Carbon Monoxide Detector provides fast and easy ambient carbon monoxide testing. It detects the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in ambient air and warns the user both visually and audibly about dangerous CO concentrations during furnace and boiler service and maintenance, weatherization audits or home inspections.

    Applications: Refining, Petrochemical, confined space work area, Mining Power, Ship building etc.


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