Testo 750-1-Voltage tester

Testo 750-1 used for testing electrical systems and equipment. The all-round LED display and unique fibre-optic technology mean the voltage indication can be seen clearly and distinctly from any position with this voltage tester.


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In contrast to the standard voltage testers on the market, the testo 750-1 voltage tester has an extremely practical all-round LED display which can easily be seen in every work position and from any location. In addition, large fibre-optic illuminators show the presence of voltage clearly and distinctly. The deep-seated anti-slip ring, the ergonomic shape of the handle and the robust housing provide greater comfort when working. The robust design means the voltage tester is durable and reliable, even when used intensively.

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Data sheet

Testo 750-1
Operating Temperature
-10 to +50 °C
Storage Temperature
-15 to +60 °C
Enclosure rating
-10 to +50 °C
Over Voltage
CAT IV 600V; CAT III 1000V
270 x 65 x 35 mm
DC Voltage Accuracy
according to DIN EN 61243-3:2010
AC Voltage Accuracy
according to DIN EN 61243-3:2010
Instrument Measurement Functions
Continuity testing,Rotating magnetic field testing, Single pole phase testing
Measuring range / Resolution
DC Voltage-12 to 690 V / 12 V, 24 V, 50 V, 120 V, 230 V, 400 V, 690 V