Welcome to our comprehensive collection of pressure switches designed to meet the diverse needs of your industrial and commercial applications. Whether you’re searching for precision, durability, or versatility, our pressure switches deliver unparalleled performance. Dive into our extensive range to discover the perfect solution for your pressure control requirements.


  1. Understanding Pressure Switches: Our pressure switches play a crucial role in monitoring and controlling fluid pressure within various systems. They act as the gatekeepers, ensuring that your equipment operates within specified pressure limits, safeguarding against potential damage, and optimizing overall performance.
  2. Versatility for Every Application: Explore our diverse selection of pressure switches, suitable for various applications. From HVAC systems and hydraulic machinery to pneumatic devices and water pumps, our switches are engineered to excel in different environments. Trust in the versatility of our products to seamlessly integrate into your specific setup.
  3. Key Features of Our Pressure Switches:
    • Precision and Accuracy: Our pressure switches are calibrated for accuracy, providing precise pressure control in every operation.
    • Durability: Built with robust materials, our switches withstand harsh conditions and ensure long-term reliability.
    • Adjustability: Easily customize pressure settings to match the unique requirements of your system.
    • Compact Designs: Space-efficient designs make installation and integration hassle-free.
  4. Popular Pressure Switch Keywords:
    • Pressure switch for HVAC
    • Hydraulic pressure switch
    • Pneumatic pressure sensor
    • The water pump pressure control switch
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  5. Applications and Industries: Our pressure switches find applications in various industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, and more. Whether you need to maintain optimal pressure in a manufacturing process or regulate water flow in agricultural irrigation, our switches are up to the task.
  6. Installation and Maintenance Tips:
    • Follow our user-friendly installation guides for seamless integration.
    • Regularly inspect and calibrate pressure switches to ensure continued accuracy.
    • Replace switches promptly if signs of wear or malfunction are detected.
  7. Why Choose Our Pressure Switches?
    • Quality Assurance: All our pressure switches undergo rigorous quality testing to meet industry standards.
    • Customer Support: Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you with any queries or concerns.
    • Competitive Pricing: Get high-quality pressure switches at competitive prices, ensuring value for your investment.

Conclusion: Upgrade your system with confidence by choosing from our reliable range of pressure switches. Explore the versatility, durability, and precision engineered into each product, and optimize your operations for success. For unparalleled pressure control, choose our pressure switches – your gateway to efficiency and reliability.

  • Differential Pressure Switch

    Honeywell DPS400 Differential Pressure Switch


    Honeywell DPS400 Differential Pressure Switch is a highly reliable and accurate switch that is used to monitor and control differential pressure in a variety of applications, such as HVAC, air handling systems, and industrial processes. It has a wide operating range of 40-400 Pa and a switching accuracy of ±2% of setpoint. The switch is also rugged and durable, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

    Applications: HVAC systems, Air handling systems, Industrial processes.

  • Honeywell DPSN1000A Differential Pressure Switch

    Honeywell DPSN1000A Differential Pressure Switch


    Honeywell DPSN1000A Differential Pressure Switch is used for air conditioning/ventilation and it is user-adjustable. In this differential pressure switch Switching-point easily adjustable with scale in Pascal.


    Applications: Differential pressure switches e.g. for monitoring filter, fan, fire damper, or air flow status of air handling systems.

  • Differential Pressure Switch

    Honeywell DPSN200A Differential Pressure Switch


    Honeywell DPSN200A Differential Pressure Switch is a highly accurate and reliable switch designed to monitor the differential pressure between two points. It has a differential pressure range of 20-200Pa and a switching pressure difference (hysteresis) of 10Pa. The switch is easy to install and maintain, and it is suitable for a wide range of applications, including HVAC/R systems, air ducts, and industrial processes.


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