Rosemount Pressure Transmitter
pressure transmitter
Rosemount Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount™ 3051 Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount 3051T Pressure Transmitters are the industry standard for gauge and absolute pressure measurement. The in-line,compact design allows the transmitter to be connected directly to a process for quick, easy and cost effective installation.

Applications: Operate at higher temperature and in vacuum,submersible and industrial,Power Plants,Off-Highway Vehicles,Natural Gas Equipment,Semiconductor Processing,Power Plants,Refrigeration,Robotics,HVAC


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Rosemount 3051T pressure transmitter combines proven sensor and electronics technologies with a single isolator design for absolute and gauge pressure measurements from 0.3 to 10,000 psi. The Rosemount 3051T pressure transmitter provides a superior alternative for measuring absolute or gauge pressure with the rugged, reliable performance that is characteristic of Rosemount pressure transmitters


• Calibrated spans from 0.3 to 10000 psi

• Up 0.04% accuracy (optional)

• Total performance of ±0.15%

• Installed five-year stability of 0.125%

• Responds up to eight times faster than the typical pressure transmitter

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Data sheet

Up to 150:1
Up to ±0.20% of Upper Range Limit (URL) for 10 years
Wetted Parts
316L SST, Alloy C-276, Alloy 400, Tantalum, Gold-plated Alloy 400, Gold-plated 316L SST
1 year

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