• 14,421.19

    Aerosense AVT Air Velocity Transmitter


    Aerosense AVT Air Velocity Transmitter is a blend air speed and temperature transmitter appropriate for estimation in HVAC Duct applications with a flexible neckline rib for simple mounting. With effortlessly configurable yields for both temperature and dampness utilizing jumper settings, it makes air speed and stream estimations a breeze.
    Applications: Exhaust stack wind current checking, Ducts, Clean room natural air supply, HVAC air speed estimations, Fan supply, Air Control in drying forms other applications include biological safety cabinets.

  • 6,882.00

    Aerosense Series DPT-R8-3W Differential Pressure Transmitter


    Aerosense Series DPT-R8-3W Differential Pressure Transmitter is an extremely versatile transmitter for monitoring pressure. The transmitter for air conforms to MODBUS over serial line protocol, using RTU transmission mode and RS485 interface. The digital output signal is sent over MODBUS enabling the DPT-MOD to connect directly to the field communication network. the benefit of DPT-MOD is that it requires less wiring than traditional 3-wire transmitters since multiple devices can be connected on a serial line.
    Applications: Fan, Blower, and Filter monitoring, Pressure and Flow monitoring, Valve and damper control, Pressure monitoring.

  • 4,912.006,389.00

    Aerosense Differential Pressure Gauge


    Aerosense Differential Pressure Gauge is broadly utilized for estimating the differential Pressure in pharma Clean rooms, HVAC applications, Pharmaceutical apparatus, Pass Box, and so on.

    Application: Laminar Air Flow Cabinets, Clean Rooms, Biosafety Cabinets, AHU, Etc.

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